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Shop Supports

 In February 2018 #237, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Learn to cut three joints by hand as you make these handy shop appliances.

by Willard Anderson
pages 48-54

I have used what I call “shop supports” for many years. These are not sawhorses, and they are not outfeed tables – they’re somewhere in between, and I find them indispensable. 

I use them to temporarily store and sort lumber that I get in for workshops I teach at the Woodwright’s School. And when I process stock, the shop supports are tall enough that I do not have to do a lot of bending over.

The shop supports are just high enough that I can comfortably crosscut or rip stock by either clamping it or holding it with my off hand.

Two supports provide stock support; one provides offcut support. I also find that the three supports, when overlaid with a panel, make a useful temporary bench.

Recently I made new shop supports, primarily because the feet had rotted away on my old ones, but also to eliminate the nails and screws and instead rely on strong joinery.

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From the February 2018 issue

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