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Texas Heritage Woodworks Saddle Bag

 In February 2018 #237, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

by Brendan Gaffney
page 16

I’m a fan of having my tools out and at hand in the workshop. It’s easy enough to mount the saws to the wall, whip up a chisel rack and tuck the planes on a shelf, but the small items rarely have a good spot to sit – so they end up on every horizontal surface, in the way and subject to being knocked around or, even worse, onto the floor.

When Jason Thigpen over at Texas Heritage Woodworks was building his Dutch tool chest, he was looking for a good way to solve the same problem. With his skill on the sewing machine and savvy in creating tool storage solutions, he came up with the Saddle Bag, a small footprint tool organizer that’s at home in a tool chest, on the wall or even attached to the side of the bench.

Read the full review here.

Website: Texas Heritage
Read: See what the author keeps in his saddle bag, and how it’s hung in the shop. (to come)

From the February 2018 issue

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