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End Grain: Patience Learned, Not Taught

 In February 2018 #237, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Youthful energy sparks the experience, but careful work takes time.

by Bill Murr
page 64

Recently, the young boy a few houses down the street want-ed to make some things out of wood. His father told him that Mr. Bill (that’s me) would be the obvious choice, because “he has made quite a few nice things out of wood, and seems to know all there is about woodworking.”

Having been approached politely, I asked the elementary school-age fellow if he knew what it was that he wanted to make. I was pleased to hear that he did not – he just wanted to learn how to make things, “like you do.”

His father warned me that the child has a short attention span, and he thought it was a hopeless cause. But I took the challenge, and after a short conversation, told the boy to come back on a Sunday afternoon when I would begin to teach him a bit about wood-working. I figured I would show him how to saw some wood, drive some nails and maybe plane a board.

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From the February 2018 issue

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