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The Best Glue for Furniture?

Why liquid hide glue should be your first choice as an adhesive. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 22-29 Since the beginnings of civilization up until World War II, most pieces of furniture were [...]

Scandinavian Workbench

Modern hardware and techniques update this Tage Frid-inspired bench. by Bill Rainford pgs. 30-39 Scandinavian- or Continental-style workbenches are the vinyl LP records of the woodworking world. [...]

Design & Create a Marquetry Panel

You’ll need three drawings, a stack of veneers and a little patience. by Craig Thibodeau pgs. 40-46 I’ve been using marquetry as a way to enhance my custom furniture pieces for a number of years [...]

How & Why of Spring Joints

Save on clamps with this traditional technique for panel glue-ups. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 47-49 A “spring joint” is a traditional method where you join the edges of two boards to make a [...]

Knock-down Shaving Horse

Windsor turnings lend personality; storage drawer adds functionality. by Willard Anderson pgs. 50-55 I recently had a roof built over the deck on my shop, so now I have a great place to store [...]

Pursuit of Perfection

by Megan Fitzpatrick pg. 6 One of the reviews I wrote for this issue, on David Charlesworth’s drawer-making video (page 14), got me thinking about the level of precision for which I strive in my [...]

‘Drawer Making and Fitting’ Video

by Megan Fitzpatrick pg. 14 Well-made and well-fit drawers are a calling card of the best furniture makers; David Charlesworth’s video “Drawer Making and Fitting” (Lie-Nielsen) can help you [...]

Lee Valley Small Double Square

by Megan Fitzpatrick pg. 14 A diemakers’ square with a narrow blade is an excellent tool for determining minute problems with your joinery, allowing you to get in between narrow dovetail pins, [...]

Crowned CBN Grinding Wheel

by Megan Fitzpatrick pg. 16 We’ve been using Norton 3X Super Cool ceramic alumina oxide wheels on our dry grinders since we first reviewed them in 2006; they cut fast and don’t easily overheat a [...]

Toothed Planing Stop from Benchcrafted

by James McConnell pg. 16 Most woodworkers have the skill to engineer a makeshift planing stop from a block of wood and a bit of old saw blade, but the precision engineering and price point of [...]

Small Surprises, by Design

New Hampshire designer Jim Zink’s organic pieces are filled with lessons. by George R. Walker pgs. 18-20 Every time the subject of design comes up with a builder, I’m keen to know what inspires [...]

Wood Too Good to Burn

Look to your firewood pile for plenty of project inspiration. by Peter Follansbee pgs. 58-59 I’ve been cutting up my leftover bits of green wood for firewood to use in my new workshop. It’s not [...]

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