February 2013 #202 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Southern Cellarette

Combine simple construction and sophisticated proportions. By Glen D. Huey Pages 22-29 In 1760, Dutch gin bottles made their way to the Colonies. Soon thereafter, the first known [...]

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Japanese Chisels

The hard truth about these ancient tools. By Wilbur Pan Pages 30-32 Japanese tools have a reputation of being suitable only for softwoods. This is an unfounded worry, especially in [...]

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Shell, Stone & Metal Inlay

Learn a straightforward approach to creating stunning details. By Marco Cecala Pages 33-39 I come to the field of woodworking with an unfair advantage. I grew up in a family jewelry [...]

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A Bed for The Thorsen House

Make a Greene & Greene-style bed with simplified construction. By Darrell Peart Pages 40-47 Recently I joined a group whose primary goal is to restore the Thorsen House, one of the [...]

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Dan’s Whetstones

Old Street Tool, the world’s largest producer of natural Arkansas oilstones, has developed a sharpening process that is easy to maintain, efficient and effective.
By Larry Williams & Don [...]

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Fast Fix For Teetering Legs

A simple table saw technique levels four legs in no time flat. By Gary Rogowski Pages 52-54 Rock-n-roll. That’s what four-legged pieces have a habit of doing – even with perfect [...]

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