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Here are the Online Extras for the February 2011 issue.

Read Roy Underhill’s notes on his bookstand story.

If after reading and thinking about the article on building the folding bookstand you’re having trouble figuring out how to cut the hinge, click here.

Video: Watch select episodes of “The Woodwright’s Shop.”

Discover The Woodwright’s School.

In our store: Plate 11 from “L’Art du Menuisier,” which shows the benches in Roubo’s shop.

In our store: “The Woodwright’s Guide: Working Wood with Wedge & Edge” and other books and articles by Roy Underhill.

Listen to Adam King’s podcast interview with Michael Fortune.

See more of Michael’s work on his web site.

To buy: Michael’s video instruction on various aspects of furniture design and construction.

Web site: Find out when Michael is teaching at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking.

In our store: The “Sourcebook of Modern Furniture.”

Video: Watch as Glen installs a new 20″ cutterhead in our shop’s planer.

PDF: The Right Way to Prepare Lumber.

Web site: Visit Byrd Tool’s web site for cutterhead installation information.

To buy: has both cutterhead designs available for your machines.

In our store: “Woodworking Machines (Back to Basics)” by John Kelsey.

Visit Bob Rozaieski’s web site and read his hand-tool blog.

PDF: Clark & Williams.

Blog: Read Adam Cherubini’s Arts & Mysteries blog.

In our store: “Traditional Molding Techniques,” a DVD by Don McConnell.

See a Maka mortiser in action.

A visit to Kent Adkins’ shop.

In our store: Mark Duginske’s “The New Complete Guide to the Band Saw”

Web site: Visit the “Tricks of the Trade” page.

Video: “The Mirror Trick.”

Blog: Tricks editor Kari Hultman writes about woodworking on her blog, The Village Carpenter.

In our store: Get “601 Woodshop Tips & Tricks,” by Graham McCulloch.

Video: Clenching a Nail with Confidence.

Plans: Shaker Wall Cupboard from February 2011.

Plans: More complex Shaker Hanging Cupboard.

To buy: Get cut nails from Tremont nail.

In our store: “The Book of Shaker Furniture” by John Kassay

Video: Visit a veneer mill with Marc Adams.

Blog: All about veneer

Blog: Veneer starts with the best logs

Blog: After the Splicing.

Read about making veneer faces.

Visit Brendan Isaac Jones’ web site.

Read the author’s blog.

In our store: Every aspiring pirate needs “The Pirate Primer.”

Plans: Pirate Chest.

Articles: All the “I Can Do That” articles are free online.

Download the complete “I Can Do That” manual.

In our store: Get our handsome poster of Plate 11.from Roubo’s “L’art du Menuisier.”

Blog: “Wonderful Wedgies With Cut Nails.”

Benchcrafted Blog

Grizzly Polar Bear Series

Video: How to Install a Router Base Plate

In our store: Get Bob Flexner’s new book, “Flexner on Finishing.”

Article: “The Basics of Wiping Varnish”

Blog: Read more Design Matters on George R. Walker’s blog.

Blog: Work with some example mouldings to practice divider use.

In our store: “Unlock the Secrets of Traditional Design.”

In our store: “Unlock the Secrets of Traditional Design: Moldings.”

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