February 2005 #146

Popular Woodworking February 2005Dovetails can be tricky at first, but this February 2004 issue of Popular Woodworking has your back. Master dovetailer Lonnie Bird offers methods for quick success.

In Resurrecting Chisels, Paul Anthony offers five tricks to transform your dull, rusty tools.

What are the best 15″ planers?

Learn how to build a boat at home.

Discover ways to frame and panel a chest of drawers.

Gustav Stickley’s glass-front bookcase is examined.

Fix finish scratches with these tips.

These 17 jigs and accessories add accuracy to your table saw.

Discover the WoodRat.

Get the lowdown on the best chuck to buy.

Take a tour of Brian Boggs’s chairmaking shop.

We put high-speed steel chisels, Hitachi’s two-base router, Bosch’s Power Box and a new waterstone from Norton through our Tool Test.

Don’t miss Tricks of the Trade, Q&A and much more.

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.

Out of the Woodwork: Protecting Tools from Kids

Sometimes a little talking-to (and video surveillance) is all it takes. By Sam Stickle Page: 104 From the February 2005 issue #146 Buy this issue now I have noticed three things about tools and kids. Kids can find tools even if it requires tunneling under the garage wall. Kids can claim...

Flexner on Finishing: Repairing Color Damage

If the scratch isn’t deep, the fix isn’t difficult. By Bob Flexner Pages: 98-99 From the February 2005 issue #146 Buy this issue now Even if you aren’t a professional woodworker, you probably get called on now and then to look at finish damage on cabinets or furniture belonging to friends...

At the Lathe: Choosing Your Chucks

There are hundreds of chucks. Here’s a quick look at the four most common styles. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 92-94 From the February 2005 issue #146 Buy this issue now One of the most important decisions to be made in planning any turning project is how to mount the workpiece on...

Build a Sailor Girl On Your Own

A week in your own shop will produce a boat that’s fun to sail or row. By John Wilson Pages: 86-91 From the February 2005 issue #146 Buy this issue now When I was a Boy Scout 50 years ago, I remember reading an article titled “Building an Orange Crate Canoe.”...

“Real” Planers

Brawn, capacity and endurance make all the difference. By David Thiel Pages: 80-85 Is gaining 2″ of planing width capacity worth an extra $300 to $1,000? Nope. So if that’s the reason why you’re considering buying a 15″ planer, borrow a friend’s instead. The real reason to buy a 15″ planer...

Resurrecting Chisels

Old chisels can be brought back to life using these simple steps. By Paul Anthony Pages: 74-79 From the February 2005 issue #146 Buy this issue now If ever there was a type of used hand tool that was a good candidate for restoration, it’s a chisel. Lots of good deals...

Harvey Ellis Bookcase

A faithful reproduction of the epitome of Arts & Crafts design. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 66-73 From the February 2005 issue #146 Buy this issue now Gustav Stickley once wrote that the best way to learn furniture design was to build a proven design. He wrote that the student “learns...

Your First Hand-cut Dovetails

The right techniques and tools (plus a few tricks) will give you a good start on mastering this fine traditional joint. By Lonnie Bird Pages: 60-65 From the February 2005 issue #146 Buy this issue now Dovetails have long been recognized as the premier joint for casework and drawers – and...

The WoodRat

Genius or just another jig? We have the answer right here. By David Thiel Pages: 57-59 From the February 2005 issue #146 Buy this issue now So that there’s no confusion here, I think dovetails are a great joint for strength and beauty. But I’ll also do anything I can to...