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YouTube is a fascinating world to inhabit. You can visit for a while and see an amazing kaleidoscope of entertainment. Sort of like Vegas, but with fewer cactus (cacti?) and look-alike celebrities. That’s if you’re a visitor. If you happen to live there you get to know the other locals and you have a stake in what happens and what shows are doing well on the strip. Just like being a contributor to YouTube.

One of the exciting parts of being a contributor is when your posts do well. You put up a video and then sit back and watch what happens. Talk it up a little bit on other social media sites and try and drum up some visitors to your page. Sometimes you’re sure you’re that your two-pairs, (Jacks and Kings) is a winner until someone else’s video turns out to be a Full House. But sometimes you end up with four Aces. And those are the days that make it all worthwhile.

Today I wanted to share with you some of our winning hands of the past few years on YouTube. It seems that there are some themes that resonate, routers (naturally), Frank Klausz (and why not?!) and Roy Underhill (love that guy!) all fill out our “greatest hits” on YouTube, with many of them coming from our popular I Can Do That! video series. So I’m happy to share them with you here, and if you like what you see, then maybe some of our other “hits” may be a winner with you. Enjoy!

– David Thiel

Benchtop Router Table (1,300,000 views!)

Crosscut Jig for Circular Saws (677,000 views)

Router Bit Tips (384,000 views)

Tenons on the Table Saw (354,000 views)

Drawer Joinery (351,000 views)

Routers Beyond Roundovers (298,000 views)

Dovetails for Drawers – The European Way (233,000 views)

The Woodwright’s Shop, 20th Anniversary Episode (196,000 views)

The Woodwright’s Shop, Williamsburg Housewright (107,000 views)

Carving a Shell with Frank Klausz (71,000 views)

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