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T8521_Workholding_250Tip Number 2: Let a deadman give you a hand.
Tip Number 3: Add a bench jack.
Tip Number 9: Add a removable top for gluing.

Find out the other seven things Christopher Schwarz recommends for upgrading your workbench in our newest digital magazine, Workholding. Christopher teaches you how you can take a workbench from simply serviceable to a workholding workhorse.
You can’t work the wood if the wood won’t stay in place. Simple, right?

Judging by the sheer number of ways and techniques for holding wood though, maybe it’s not so simple.

Workholding includes eight articles that teach you tips and insight into workholding techniques and tools, from holdfasts to vises and more.

Christopher wrote six of the articles included here, kicking off with “A Workholding Renaissance,” a look at how the woodworking industry brought a new round of innovation to old workholding ideas.

A Moxon vise is a handy addition to any woodworking workshop.

A Moxon vise is a handy addition to any woodworking workshop.

Christopher also teaches you how to make a simple bench slave; the unbelievably useful Moxon vise(your back will thank you); and a sawbench (which you’ll wonder how you lived without), plus his 10 tips on improving your workbench.

Robert W. Lang dives into the theory and practice of holdfasts, testing several models and showing you what you need to look for when buying this venerable workholding device. Why do some holdfasts grip and others don’t? Bob reveals the secrets to an effective holdfast.

Bob Rozaieski looks back in history to show you how workholding was done by woodworkers of the past. You’ll find more articles, books and videos on workholding and workbenches at

–Mike Wallace

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  • AlanWS

    Are these all compendia of Popular Woodworking and Woodworking articles? I like these authors, but I’d like to know if this is their work that I’ve bought already. I might want to buy it again in book or electronic form, but I certainly would want to know first.

    If the holdfast article is the one written just before the Grammercy holdfasts were released, has it been updated?

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