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I’ve really enjoyed getting acquainted with our digital downloads line during these first months on the job, so I thought I’d do a quick rundown of some favorites. Perhaps this list will help get you started in your shopping during our current sale. Each selection includes some great woodworking projects and ideas.

Because our digital downloads store is quite new, we haven’t had a chance to offer previews of each item, so I also wanted to include for you here some interior shots and more details on the content.

Favorite Video Project: “A Traditional Tool Chest in Two Days”

mytoolchestI enjoyed this video so much, I was inspired to start building one for the apartment (at left). You can watch a great video preview of Christoper Schwarz’s joinery selections by clicking here and visiting the store page.

One of the neat things about building this chest is the way the interior tills go together on their slides. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is. Click here to see a video preview on YouTube of that process.

Favorite Backlist Magazine Issue: November 2009

Marc and his wife consider their options.

This issue is packed with great projects, including Megan Fitzpatrick’s LVL workbench. The other article I really like in this issue is Marc Spagnuolo’s “Build or Buy Checklist” (charming photo at left). As the Facebook audience pointed out to me, Marc has already offered this checklist for free on his site. I’ll go ahead and do the same – click here for that PDF.

Then visit the store and buy the whole issue in download form to get more depth, clicking here.

Favorite Downloadable E-book: “Box Builder’s Handbook”

The techniques and tips section at the front of this e-book is really great, especially if you are new to box making. Below are two of the tips featured in that chapter:

Adding internal splines to your box joints.

Adding internal splines to your box joints.


Using packaging tape to glue up a mitered box.

Using packaging tape to glue up a mitered box.

Click here to download the “Box Builder’s Handbook” from our store. It’s full of great projects.

Enjoy the sale! We have almost 1,000 digital downloads available. Tell us your own favorites in the comments section.

Dan Farnbach

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  • tombuhl

    Yes, spline grain orientation is not appropriate. However, for this use, I can’t imagine it would pose a real problem. You’ve increased both the amount and quality of the glue bond area significantly. With a small box you aren’t likely to encounter significant racking forces unless a drop onto a hard surface directly at the corner. Which could mangle even a great corner.

    Still, such nice closeup photos should show good practices. So much to keep track of when putting info out into this wild world.

  • pasha137

    Be careful using packing tape for holding glued miter joints. Some packing tapes have very aggressive adhesives that, in the process of removing, could actually pull out splinters on softer woods. Packing tape can be difficult to remove and may leave a residue. Painter’s masking tape may be a better choice.

  • pasha137

    Yes, the spline grain is in the wrong direction. Grain direction should be perpendicular to the length for max. strength. Bad move for a woodworking instruction book.

  • frugalweaver

    Anyone notice that picture of a splined corned has the spline grain going in the wrong direction?

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