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If you’ve thought about getting any of our great woodworking videos on DVD, now is the time. We’ve put almost every DVD in our store on sale, up to 75% off. You can get full seasons of The Woodwright’s Shop, great project builds including this Puzzle Stool and one of my favorite videos, Foundations of Better Woodworking with Jeffrey Miller. I watch this one front to back at least once a year, and there’s something new I take away from it each time.

In addition to our big DVD sale, all of our other video downloads are 50% off. That means you can get started on your campaign chair for summer, build a traditional tool chest in two days or build the portable Moravian workbench. While some text and plans are a good start, having an experienced builder walk you through the nuances of a project, step by step, is a great help. Heck, I watch these videos even if I don’t plan on making the projects anytime soon – they’re better than most stuff on TV.

So, get your woodworking video fix this weekend at a great price. And, let me know what other videos you’d like to see us produce – we’re always working on new projects.

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