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These experts are set to speak and teach at Woodworking in America 2015.

These experts are set to speak and teach at Woodworking in America 2015.

It’s a “pride” of lions, “murder” of crows, “gaggle” of geese and “pod” of dolphins. So what, then, is the proper term for a gathering of woodworkers?

We’re gearing up for the 2015 Woodworking in America conference next month, so whatever you call a group of woodworkers, you’ll find them Sept. 25-27 at the Sheraton Crown Center in Kansas City, Mo. You can still register for the classes, conversations and fun here.

But back to the group of woodworkers. A “forest” of woodworkers doesn’t really work. A “stick” of woodworkers? (No, that’s taken by the paratroopers.) A “cord” of woodworkers? Judging from the firmly held opinions I see on online woodworking forums, perhaps an “argument” of woodworkers. But that’s too negative. An “Underhill” of woodworkers? No, there’s only one of those.

My choice? A “till” of woodworkers. A till can hold many useful items, not all of which are tools.

But as with all things to do with wood, I know there will be a raft of suggestions and advice from others – so I am holding a contest.

Give me your best suggestion for what a group of woodworkers should be called in comments below by noon Monday (August 17), and I’ll gather a blue-ribbon panel (OK, the folks near my cubicle) and we’ll pick a winner. The winner will receive a FREE copy of “The Practical Woodworker.” This four-volume set of books – edited by Bernard Jones – offers a wealth of information on early 20th-century woodworking techniques.

So wave away the “cloud” of gnats, the “herd” of cattle, “swarm” of bees, “pack” of wolves and think about your woodworking cohorts – what are we?

–Mike Wallace


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  • Mike Wallace

    Thank you all for the great entries! I’m not accepting any new entries from this point on, so I’ll gather the panel of judges and name our winner by noon Tuesday!!

  • dzehner2

    How about a quiver? As in, a group of wooden arrows ready to unleash pointy fury once pointed in the right direction and released with a “TWANG!”

  • exyle

    A “lignin” the substance that unites the individual cells in our favorite medium.

  • bearkatwood

    A splinter of knot heads.

  • ohj123

    A Forest of woodworker for a large collection
    A Copse for a small collection

  • blake

    i think a splinter is appro for a group of woodworlers

  • vursenbach

    A “ring” of woodworkers in reference to growth rings in wood. I tried to find something that would pertain to ALL types of woodworkers so I had to take it down to the product we all work with grain or rings. Grain of woodworkers would work too but does not sound as good as ring.

  • GlennSr

    My suggestion would be a “chipboard” of woodworkers. Individually unique, collectively superior.

  • JSlaton

    A “whittle” of woodworkers.

  • Sshughes

    A grove, just like a grove of trees. It is a place with trees of all kinds, ages, experiences, grown a little bit different, but with common goals. It is a place some find peace and serenity, others direction, others determination. If it is fed and nurtured it will provide beauty. If it is not, it will endure, but it may leave the results lackluster and perhaps undesirable. The transference of knowledge may be able to be presented in the falling of the leaves, or the process of carbon dioxide exchanged for oxygen for the world. And at times the grove sacrifices for the community, to build a future (house or crib), or a place for a family to gather around (a table or living room set), or a place to study and learn (a desk or classroom). These are all things, even the last thru community outreach, that a grove of woodworkers provide.

  • Strausshaus

    Spouse Jane suggests a “dust” of woodworkers!

  • mbholden

    A “FOREST’ of woodworkers.

  • gmicklus

    groats of woodworkers “a unit of measure?” or a small sum that when congregated becomes very powerful.

  • vtxmanmike

    A Burl of woodworkers! The grain indicates that we’re not all going in the same direction or doing the same thing. A Burl can be various sizes, types of wood, some exotic, some filled with a surprise!

  • sirlurk_calot

    It’s got to be a ‘Bench’ surely?

  • corners

    A Schwarz of woodworkers

  • CRae

    How about a “grain” of woodworkers, as in the grain will plane and stain until they reign in Kansas City

  • pmac

    One more: A “scrap” of woodworkers. We make/use scrap wood and we engage in verbal scraps (sometimes, like power tools vs hand tools, proper bench height etc.).

  • k2112

    I vote for a “bunk” of woodworkers.

  • Gene

    A “chest” of woodworkers… no, for obvious reasons
    A “rack” of woodworkers… see above
    A “beard” of woodworkers… stereotypical, and sexist
    A “joint” of woodworkers… only legal in 23 states
    A “joynt” of woodworkers… better, but corruptible
    A “compass” of woodworkers… round and round we go
    A “hound” of woodworkers… with apologies to Walker and Tolpin

    From the Moulding Glossary…
    A “scotia” of woodworkers… only used for small gatherings
    A “flute” of woodworkers… or a mug, or a tankard
    A “tankard” of woodworkers… I actually like that one!

  • gtrboy77

    Either a “nexus” of woodworkers, or a “scrummage”. Both sound pretty cool.

  • Bill Lattanzio

    A “grove” of woodworkers.

  • pmac

    I will offer up ” a case of woodworkers” With reference to what we like to build and drink.
    Or ” a box of woodworkers” (as in toolbox since were are all just tools, some more than others.)
    I also like the “stand” suggestion.

  • bko

    I suggest a “flannel” of woodworkers as the collective noun. It’s very descriptive!

  • Graham Haydon

    A Crotch, sorry couldn’t help it

  • 7-Thumbs

    How about a ‘guild’ or a ‘craft’ of woodworkers. The terms guild and craft have been used for centuries to connotate a group of people with expertise in a particular area.

  • gregworks

    How about a “knot”. As in, This knot does not care for knots.

  • JMAW Works

    I like Flitch suggestion. Or maybe “stand” like a stand of trees (and also how they are always standing around chatting) Probably historically guild or union miight be appropriate for carpenters or joiners, but not be applicable to “woodworkers” as a whole, especially us hobby folks.

  • Ed Furlong

    A flitch of woodworkers-all related, all unique, esp. the faces!

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