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I have to admit, it was an interesting week on The contributors to the Shop Blog brought up a few topics that typically stir conversation. On Monday, Nancy Hiller started a three part series on Linoleum countertops. We had at least one commenter ask, “why?”. Nancy shared her point of view about the historical precedent and the vintage style that many seek in remodeling. I have been eyeing Linoleum as a possible countertop for the coffee bar in our own kitchen remodel this winter, I am glad to have Nancy’s input!

Shawn Graham shared his technique and philosophy of keeping milled up construction lumber in the shop. There’s a few points to consider when working with wood that might have a higher moisture content. Shawn walks you through it all. Using construction lumber this way is a great step in taking your woodworking to the next level, the investment is low, so give it a go!

We debated push sticks in our latest video by Doug Dale. There are so many form factors, it’s helpful to hear seasoned advice on the pros and cons of each.

You can find links to all of our blog posts, Youtube videos and Instagram posts from this past week below. Kick off your Sunday morning with a few articles!

– David Lyell 

p.s. We will have a new face on the blog this week! Stay tuned for an introduction post in a few days!



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