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appEvery week or so, I get a handful of questions along these lines: “Why don’t you have a mobile app for the magazine?”

My answer has long been along this line: “Well, we have a digital subscription available and we offer single issues in PDF format. And, well, I don’t know how to make an app (though I’d like to learn).”

Soon – very soon – my answer will change to: “But we do!”

I’ve spent much of today checking and double-checking our sample issue, making sure the “how-to” language makes sense, and writing the words that will appear in the App store – and let me just say that it’s difficult to elegantly encapsulate Popular Woodworking Magazine in 255 or fewer characters.

While I doubt we’ll have the November issue in the App Store concurrent with the print and digital subscriptions being mailed (because that happens next week), it shouldn’t be much of a wait.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • Shawn Nichols

    Wow. I’m surprised by all the negative comments.

    I was one of those handful of users asking for the app. I for one LOVE the app available from Fine Woodworking and I’m looking forward to seeing what PopWood has in store with their version. I can see why people love the PDF but the app is more geared toward the way I read online content.

    Please sign me up as a beta tester if you need one.


  • R.Hoppe

    PDFs are always best! I own my pdfs of Popular Woodworking. Any ebooks or magazines purchased from Amazon or Apple are on indefinite loan. At any time it’s possible for them to erase all your books and mags from your e-device.

  • Rick_G

    I like the PDF version because I can store it on my computer and transfer it to my Android when I want it in the shop or just to read in comfort. I’m with “cagenuts” on this though there are a lot more of us out here than cr@pple owners. There is another wood working mag. out there that only supplied their tablet version for the ipad and I will be dropping my online membership when it expires as they don’t even supply a PDF version.

  • terrymck

    I like the magazine in pdf format. There are many pdf readers and I use PerfectReader on the iPad. The pdf is searchable and the format is the same as the printed magazine. Will the pdf format stay?

    I’ve not been impressed with other magazines (not necessarily wood working mags) who have chosen to go down the app route.

    Terry McKnight

  • wb8nbs

    So what will a “Mobile App” do over what the PDF can do? I recently bought a Nook HD+ (9″, cheap) and find reading on it nowhere near as satisfying as browsint the print copy of PW. Typing on it is just plain awful.

    Have you considered offering the magazine in EPub format which is pretty much universally available on tablets and real computers? And not as proprietary as the Adobe formats?

  • NoelNNY

    I’m with Cagenuts – if the beloved Apple is so wonderful above everything else – why is there only one bite take out of it?? If it is sooooooo goooood – the icon should in essence be a real skinny apple core, shouldn’t it????

  • DonPeregoy

    I would never want to give up my print copy (way more versatile and readable). I have though found real value in having the duel subscription. Hopefully this option will continue to be available.

  • David Randall

    That’s handy Megan!

    I bought an iPad a couple of years ago to get the dimensions right for hand cutting Roubo-style iPad stands from Sapele for customers. Now the iPad sits on a stand to play music, read blogs, and type comfortably in the workshop – not a good environment for a laptop with keys.

    I’ll buy your App!

  • cagenuts

    Please don’t tell me this is only for cr@pple owners? At least move into the 21st century and make it available for those whose tablets didn’t come with a complimentary jar of Vaseline.

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