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First, many thanks for your excitement about “The Woodwright’s Shop” DVDs – and I have to say I’m awfully excited myself, because when Roy first came on the air in 1980, I didn’t know I wanted to be a woodworker (I was 12 years old). Now that I’ve gravitated to (predominantly) hand-tool woodworking, I’m delighted that I’ll soon be able to see all the episodes I missed while I was too busy playing soccer and frittering away my time reading.

Second, we appreciate the comments on several woodworking social media sites about the pricing – and we’ve listened. As of tomorrow, the DVDs will be on sale for $29.99 each – and everyone who has already placed an order will get the $29.99 price per (and you won’t be charged until your order ships). Why are we waiting until tomorrow to update the pricing at Well, something about computer inventory systems and overnight automatic updates and I don’t know… but the price change couldn’t be implemented immediately, and we wanted to get this information out right away.

Also, Roy and UNC-TV own the rights to this material – so your purchase not only brings you hours of traditional woodworking information and entertainment, it helps to support public television – and my favorite woodwright (I suspect he’s your favorite woodwright, too!).

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. We’ll soon have some more information available on streaming video options for “The Woodwright’s Shop” – stay tuned!

p.p.s. Need a Roy fix right away? Visit “The Woodwright’s Shop” online to watch recent episodes, free.

p.p.p.s. Need an in-person Roy fix? Check out the class offerings at The Woodwright’s School, and catch him at Woodworking in America (Oct. 12-14 in Pasadena and Nov. 2-4 in Greater Cincinnati).


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  • taco58bell

    I am thrilled that the archives were opened at last. I ordered and received all of the ones you folks made available and the family has had to remind me to leave the screen and eat a meal now and then. One question though: the packaging on Season 1 states that it is year 1980. Season 2 says 1982 and Season 3 says it is 1983. Are we missing a year -’81? Tried looking at a listing of episode titles online but couldn’t make it match up with what is on the DVDs. Thanks!

  • Marlon1


    Thank you (& whomever) for working with UNC-TV and Roy to get these out there. I feel like they’re saying, “What didn’t I think of this before!?!”

  • andrae

    I must admit that I balked a little at the price, but I pre-ordered the first two seasons anyway. The new price will encourage me to buy more seasons as they become available. At any rate, I’m happy to help support in some small way the ongoing production of my favorite show.

  • waltamb

    This is a start… but how about a real deal for our local library… a Boxed Set?

  • renaissanceww

    Hey thanks for the price cut but I would have payed double for vintage Roy. Guess I’ll have to buy him $10 worth of beer when I visit his school.

  • farnarkleboy

    Hi, what region code are these ? I ask as we’re region 4 in Australia and sometimes US produced stuff for export is still region 1 instead of ALL which means we can’t legally play it.

  • lawrence

    Once again, you guys have proven why you would be the last publication I would ever give up. Well done, and thank you


  • sablebadger

    I will get the entire set, over time. So this is going to be huge savings for me.


  • switzforge

    Great news. That saves me $20 on my initial order, so I might as well spend $60 for the other 2 seasons. I think thats some of that fuzzy math you hear so much about.

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