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No, it's not a video; it's screen capture of a video...that you'll just have to wait to see.

No, it’s not a video; it’s screen capture of a video…that you’ll just have to wait to see.

Christopher Schwarz and Jameel Abraham are working together on a tool chest article for the August and October issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Chris built the box; Jameel created a carved marquetry panel for the lid. Yes – a carved marquetry panel.

The chest is built to travel, is based on the many vintage examples that Chris has studied and measured, and holds a full complement of furniture making tools, with the exception of a set of moulding planes. Maximum storage with minimum footprint. The image above does a pretty good job of showing the size, and Chris tells me it’s easier to build than a full-sized English tool chest.

Basically, it’s a box – sure, it’s a well-designed box with clever interior fittings that allow you to store just about every hand tool you really need – but it’s a box. What’s absolutely mind-blowing is the interior lid panel that Jameel designed and made. (Also, the hand-forged hardware from Peter Ross is nothing to sneeze at.)

Chris is now painting the exterior of the chest and installing the hardware. So until I can present the lid in its full and final context to properly showcase the unalloyed glory, I’m not showing it (nyah nyah.) But I will say it is the most amazing work I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing up close and in person. It’s simply stunning, and Jameel is … I haven’t the words to describe his artistry. I’m a-tingle with anticipation of showing it. And Jameel is going to teach you how to do it in the October issue (Chris’s plans and step-by-step instruction for making the chest will be in the August issue).

openerSo in the meantime, I’ve uploaded the “Double-bevel Artistry” article Jameel wrote for us in 2013. I recall that when I first read that piece, I thought “Wow. I can’t imagine ever seeing work that is more stunning.” And while I might not be able to imagine that, it seems Jameel could (no surprise). But for that, you’ll have a short wait.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • Sergeant82d

    Megan – thanks. Especially for the PDF file. 🙂

    In a few days, once the snow in the shop thaws (farm pole barn… lots of gaps…) I’ll try this out!


  • rwyoung

    Soooo, no stickers for the inside of this traveling chest then?

  • pmac


    (P.S. Thanks for the link. May I request a link to a PDF version within the link above. Please? )

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