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Better WoodworkerThese are my top six ways to elevate your woodworking game. I present them in reverse order, so if you’re looking for the top way, jump to the last entry.

.6 Don’t point out your mistakes. Most woodworkers always begin to show a piece by stating what’s wrong with his or her work. That immediately cues viewers that there are problems – that undermines your work. Professional woodworkers never point out their mistakes. They see the mistakes, learn from the mistakes and are disturbed by them, but they never make mention of them.

.5 Use the best tool for the job. Fully equipped woodworking shops have a mixture of hand and power tools. To be a better woodworker, you need to understand when to use what tool. My favorite story came about while building a Baltimore card table for the June 2005 issue (#148) (shown below at right). I needed to cut the ends of the brick-laid apron, so I rigged up a way to make the square cut at my miter saw.


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