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How do you accurately test a seven-piece professional set of Infinity router bits?

Let’s face it, you could spend months in the shop trying to accomplish such a feat by using them day in and day out while building several projects and studying their performance along the way.

I didn’t have that kind of time, so I applied some standard tests to check the precision of the manufacturing.

I used micrometers to check the various steps in the rabbet combination bit, to check the diameter of the bearing in relation to the cut on the flush trim bit and to the cut of the 3/4″ pattern bit.

I moulded a piece of hardwood with the 1/2″-radius roundover bit in a hand-held router, and with the 1/2″ cove bit in the router table in order to check for a matching fit and determine if they could be used for a drop-leaf profile. I found that they all worked superbly under shop conditions.

But the true test of a packaged set is: Are these bits the ones most often used in a professional woodworking shop or that most woodworkers would use in their shops? Or, did they select a few usable bits and finish out the set with less-than-desirable contents? No, this is a useful set.

Each of these bit profiles has been a workhorse in my  shop during the past 12 years. I’ve used them all and I find myself using at least one during each of my woodworking projects.

This is a nicely assembled selection of router bits for use in your shop and these bits also have 1/2″ shanks for added strength and durability. The set is $149.90. For more information, call 877-872-2487 or visit

– Glen D. Huey

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  • Glen D. Huey

    Well John, I have had a chance to discuss this with Chris Schwarz and the reason for the large image size and the GIF settings was in the new upgrade that we had to our program. We have gone in and adjusted the settings so from now on the pictures should be easier to download. Thanks for the accolades on the BLOG, this is a great medium for us to share with our readers. Keep posting!

  • Glen Huey

    The bit set that I reviewed is a seven piece ste whereas the set that Jeff ourchased and wrote about is a 10 piece set. That would account for the difference in price.

    As for the picture size – being new to the staff (and not so computer savvy) I save posted the pictures as they came from the correct location deep within the vast archives. I will look into the suggested changes. I also deplore slow loading sites.

  • John Thomas

    Although my comment relates directly to this post, it is appropriate for almost all the posts in this blog.
    Why does the image size [bytes] need to be so large?
    The above image, file name: 3-InfinityRouterTools is 118124 bytes! In addition, it’s a gif format!
    I saved the image and changed to a jpg format…the resulting file size is: 26,584 Bytes with NO LOSS of quality!
    Please use good judgement when posting images…
    Other than that, this blog rocks!

  • Glen D. Huey

    I cannot help you with the shaper cutters. While I have a PM shaper in my shop, I can say that the router table has almost made it obsolete. There is only a few operations that I continue to use the shaper to complete.

    Let me know how things turn out with your new cutters.

  • Jeff Wright

    I just ordered Infinity’s 10-bit set that includes the ten most used bits described in FWW. I also ordered their cope and stick shaper set for ogee rail and stiles, a one-piece 1.25" spindle cutter. Do you have any experience with Infinity’s shaper cutters?

  • Glen D. Huey

    Hey Doug,

    The durability of the Infinity bits is time tested. Their bits have been used in the Popular Woodworking shop since before they were released to the public at large, a few years back. And, they have stood up well. There have been no broken pieces to contend with, no carbide problems and the cuts have rivaled all the top manufacturers.

    Out of the box, the ones that I reviewed cut great. The profiles were smooth and consistent. I would place the workmanship of the bits as well as the workability of the bits against all comers.

  • Doug Barker


    I am equally interested in the durability of this set. Also, how does their quality of cut compare to other permium bits?



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