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dovetail saw

Florip Toolworks Dovetail Saw.

When Erik Florip of Florip Toolworks announced that he would be offering a premium dovetail saw for $85, he immediately had my attention. At that price point, these saws are positioned well below other premiums saws, and just slightly above some very popular budget alternatives.

This saw comes standard with a 16ppi rip filed 9″ plate (.017″), folded brass back and a canted plate that offers 13⁄8″ depth of cut at the toe opening up to 11⁄2″ at the heel. It cut smoothly and tracked straight in a variety of hard and softwoods leaving a whisper-thin kerf. Although I sometimes felt that it would benefit from slightly more set to the teeth, especially in material thicker than 3⁄4″, a saw this size really excels in thinner stock.
The hang of the handle is about 5° lower than most saws on the market. This can make a saw hard to start, but I found no such problems here, and after a week of test cuts the low-slung configuration seemed very natural in use. The handle felt a little cramped around the upper and lower horns on my large hand, and the shaping of the handle wasn’t quite as crisp and refined as other high-end saws, but it was smooth, well finished and would be very comfortable to anyone with small to medium sized hands. The stock saw ships with a cherry handle, with other domestic and exotic wood handle choices available at an additional cost.

The Florip Toolworks 9″ dovetail saw is both beautiful and functional, and at this price, it’s a solid choice for anyone seeking a high quality dovetail saw that doesn’t break the budget.

— James McConnell

Florip Toolworks 
Price: $85 – $135, buy one here

This article appeared in the August 2018 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

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