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Tool: Ultimate Coping Saw

Manufacturer: Blue Spruce Toolworks

Price: $325

Coping saws are a bit of a divisive subject among woodworkers. Some folks swear that their $3 coping saw from the hardware store has never let them down and the other camp has tried to engineer the tool to perfection. The Blue Spruce Ultimate Coping Saw is another step toward perfecting the coping saw.

In my mind, the heart of the matter is that no matter how rigid and how strong you make a coping saw, the blade is so thin, it’ll be the weakest point. However, when you eliminate all other variables, you can count on the blade being the reason for failure.

The Blue Spruce saw is machined from aluminum and uses carbon fiber struts in parallel to keep the weight down and achieve maximum stiffness. After speaking with Dave Jeske, the owner of Blue Spruce, I learned that the barrel that contains the rotation mechanism is attached to the frame with a pinned sliding dove- tail for a seamless and robust connection.

Dials on either end of the blade can be loosened and the blade can be rotated to any of the eight positive stops before being tightened. There is absolutely no way for the angle of the blade to change while in use. Again, eliminating a variable.

The handle is generous in size and the fluting detail is delightful. It’s a comfortable saw to use and inspires confidence (words that are rare in the world of coping saws).

blue spruce ultimate coping sawblue spruce ultimate coping saw

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