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And the winner is… Gene! I’ve just sent him an email to claim his prize. Thanks for all the great comments! Stay tuned for this week’s giveaway on Friday!

In the August 2017 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine we reviewed the OmniSquare Multi-function Layout Tool, a clever tool made from lightweight aluminum. It functions as a try square, miter square, bevel square, T-square, combination square and (in a pinch) a compass. You can read our full review here, and visit the company’s website here.

Well, we have one, lightly used OmniSquare to give away (pictured above, and in the magazine!). I’ve had it on my desk for the past week, and it’s a lot of fun to play with – I can see why it’d be a great everyday carry kind of tool. Want a chance to win it? Simply post in the comment thread by July 25, 11:59 p.m. EDT, and I’ll choose one winner at random from among the commenters. (Winner to be announced Wednesday July, 26).

Good luck!

– Brendan Gaffney

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  • Bear Limvere

    Yes please!

  • hikerdude

    Read the article. Looks like a great tool that you can’t believe you ever could work without once your start!

  • Jeremy

    Could be useful.

  • trs

    ooh ooh ooh. It’s so pretty, can I have it? Pleeeeeeeeeze?

  • MikeyD

    I’ll take a chance!

  • ebelair

    Looks useful. Wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

  • Thomsba

    Fingers crossed

  • pmbucalo

    Multipurpose tools are great for outdoors work, like the repairing/rebuilding of over a dozen 117 year old wooden storm windows on my house. Either way I have to do them. It wouldn’t hurt to have some hi-tech help. 😛

  • woodworkjay

    Count me in, fingers crossed.

  • johnclaus


  • 19AL63

    Just might speed up some operations. Would like to have one to try out


    I could put it to good use 🙂

  • Jason

    Send it my way please!

  • RedneckRev

    It looks like an interesting tool to use and I think the best place for it would be in my work pants pocket or on my workbench, when not in my hand being used. 😉

  • JimF

    A great addition to anyone’s (i.e. my) toolbox.

  • pchast

    I’m interested. The Angle stop markings should add utility.
    Yes, I’d prefer a bright orange to make it easier to find on
    my bench.

  • John Cashman

    Do they make an ebony/brass infill version?

  • Swepty1

    I’d sure like to give it a try!

  • Sprehe

    Yuppers, looks great.

  • hjbaker

    Look nice

  • 7-Thumbs

    Would be nicer in orange but I can be happy with a blue one.

  • SaintClarence27

    I would certainly give it a try.

  • lemonstr

    Looks good! Would look better in my shop apron!

  • David

    Sure; I’ll take a chance.

  • Theugshop

    Thanks for the review! Took looks very useful!


    Looks like a neat tool.

  • JVerna


  • Christopher Hawkins

    This is interesting tool. I would like to have it.

  • dwsetliff

    looks very useful

  • Dave

    Looks quite useful.

  • RicLloyd

    I really need to replace the drywall T-square as my goto. This would be handy.

  • rwyoung

    Insert comment here.

  • adavidson8


  • Gene

    Since I can’t seem to master “every tool in its place,” I’ll settle for “a tool in every place!”

  • Longfatty

    I love gadgets!

  • Loves2ski

    I have a spot in my toolbox reserved for it.

  • mbbrogan

    Count me in for the drawing.

  • rjhanby

    Count me in please!

  • JMAW Works

    Interesting tool, would be useful to have around.

  • lochridge

    I’m in

  • Bill Lattanzio

    I would love to “try” it…

  • Neitsdelf

    What they said.

  • Mike

    If it’s hip to be square, with the OmniSquare I’d be the hippest dude around. 🙂

  • TonyR

    Would love to check that out.

  • rustycolbert

    Does look like it would be a valuable edition to the tool belt. I wish the coming soon video was there, i would have reviewed it to make a better comment. 😉

  • Daver

    That would fit nicely in my apron pocket!

  • kameironin

    Interesting looking tool.

  • josephtjohnson

    E=MC2 but does EM=TriSquared?

  • bojangles3542

    Looks sweet!

  • ohlund

    It looks awesome!

  • nschaich3

    It looks awesome.

  • Riven Joiner

    Looks like it could be a very useful tool!

  • corgimas

    Oh, I would love to have that in my tool pile!!!! please!!!!

  • dbdan

    Looks nice. It would look nicer in my toolbox however. Just sayin’.

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