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Good news, fellow knuckle-draggers.

Roy Underhill’s television show, “The Woodwright’s Shop,” has been renewed for two more seasons – State Farm Insurance has agreed to fund seasons 33 and 34 of the show.

Personal note: I have my home insurance through State Farm for this reason alone. My wife thinks I’m nuts for this. And I am.

So woodworkers can look forward to two more years of the never-aging Roy as he continues to champion the power of muscle over that of the electrical machine. He’s got a point: Roy has the same axe that he used in the first season, 33 years ago. How many computers have you had in the last 33 years? And how well do you think they would endure a whack from Roy’s axe? I thought so.

Roy sent me the following press release on his show being renewed. Usually, press releases are as fun to read as the small print on gnat suppositories. But this one is worth your time:

“Subversive Woodworking marches on! The PBS series The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill has been renewed for another two years, thanks to the continuing financial support of State Farm Insurance. The Woodwright’s Shop is one of the longest running shows in broadcast history, going all the way back “to the days of silent television.” Over the decades, Roy has featured a wide variety of small hand tool injuries and hosted fine traditional woodworkers such as Toshio Odate, Mary May, Frank Klausz, Peter Follansbee, Mack Headley, Brian Boggs, Christopher Schwarz and Steve Latta – to name just a few. Projects tackled on the show range from rowboats to the works of Roubo, but the focus has always been on traditional hand tool technique – the journey rather than the destination. Godspeed Roy Underhill, may the grain be with you!”

I leave tomorrow to teach for a week at Roy’s school, “The Woodwright’s School,” and I look forward to buying him a drink to toast the impressive success and endurance of my favorite television show.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. Send Roy all your money by purchasing past episodes of “The Woodwright’s Shop” on DVD. Popular Woodworking Magazine has made this possible. And I am grateful. Click here to see the seasons that are available for purchase now.

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  • Garry

    “Personal note: I have my home insurance through State Farm for this reason alone. My wife thinks I’m nuts for this. And I am.”

    If you have State Farm for anything, home auto life then I would read your policy and have your agent translate the criptic wording such as Like Kind and Quality or Quality Repalcement Parts.

    I had State Farm for more about 30 years and I was in the Collison Repair business for near 15 years and State Farm was one of the worst to dal with as a repair shop and as a custmer they are willing to screw you and the shop for a dollar. There are no bigger thieves in the insurance business.

  • BoredCutter

    “….Personal note: I have my home insurance through State Farm for this reason alone. My wife thinks I’m nuts for this. And I am….”

    Far be it from the rest of us to disagree with ANY man’s wife when she evaluates of our marble count, but I think that in some indirect, proxy-ladled way…. it is YOU, Mr. Schwarz, who is underwriting.. ah… Mr. Underhill.

    I remember State Farm’s old jingle from the 80’s… “And like a good neighbor…. Chris Schwarz is theeeeeere…..!”

  • Marlon1

    On July 16th I received a reply from UNC TV about the Woodwright’s Shop schedule:

    “Thank you for your note and interest in The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill. To answer your question regarding when new episodes of The Woodwright’s Shop will appear online, the 32nd season is currently in the works and the first episode will go out to PBS stations via satellite on Saturday, September 29. Individual stations choose when, and if, they will air the program. UNC-TV delivers each episode a minimum of six weeks prior to its air date

    Fortunately, for fans the world over, PBS will post all 13 new episodes online as they receive them, starting with episode 3201 on Saturday, September 29. So, your wait is just a bit longer.

    Thank you again for writing us and for your support of The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill.

    All best,


    Very happy to share this info with ya’ll.

  • mvflaim

    Facts about Roy Underhill:

    Roy Underhill’s calander goes from March 31st to April 2nd because no one fools Roy Underhill.

    Roy Underhill can slam a revolving door.

    Roy underhill can cut through a hot knife with butter.

    When Roy Underhill does a push-up, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.

    Roy Underhill doesn’t sharpen his axe, his axe sharpens his stone.

  • abt

    Yes! Thanks for sharing Chris, and go Roy!

  • Wilbur

    To be fair, Roy’s axe would be pretty bad at tweaking CSS to make the layout of a web page come out just right.

    I also love how the press release puts “a wide variety of small hand tool injuries” ahead of all the woodworkers who have been on the show.

  • nicknaylo

    I’ve also insured my house through State Farm for the last dozen years because of the Woodwright’s Shop Sponsorship. I got funny looks and awkward silence on the phone from the agent when I mention this, but the lovely wife completely understands. Then again, she did gift me with a trip to Dayton Ohio to see St. Roy for our tenth anniversary and no, she doesn’t have a sister!

  • cabrown22

    Really? That’s where she draws the “Chris is nuts” line? Interesting.

  • carguy460

    Will the new episodes be available online at the PBS website? My crappy PBS station does not carry the Woodwrights Shop, much to my dismay…

  • rwyoung

    “Personal note: I have my home insurance through State Farm for this reason alone. My wife thinks I’m nuts for this. And I am.”

    Don’t sell yourself short. I bet she could make a list longer than an axe handle.

  • Megan Fitzpatrick


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