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We’ve all been waiting for this – it’s the initial Wood Whisperer video! This video is a companion to the newest column in the current issue of Popular Woodworking, which is also (appropriately) called “The Wood Whisperer.” And there will be plenty more Wood Whisperer videos and articles coming your way in future issues.

If you haven’t yet found Marc Spagnuolo’s web site,, you’re in for a treat. Marc has a quirky way of presenting great woodworking information for all who care to watch. And once you watch, you’ll know why we at Popular Woodworking are happy that he has joined our group of woodworking devotees.

If you have a comment to share, please make sure to add it below. We’re looking for your feedback about Marc and The Wood Whisperer column.

,Glen D. Huey

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  • Eric

    One thing I really like blue tape for is removing sanding dust from really dusty wood (like Roasted Birch). On some woods, using a brush, vacuum or the air compressor doesn’t quite get all of the dust. Using the wide blue type, apply the tape to the workpiece and press it down good, then remove the tape. You’ll be surprised just how much dust you get up even after brushing, vacuuming or blowing the dust off of the piece.


  • Vic Hubbard

    Wow!!! Where did you guys find this WoodWhisperer fellow?
    He’s awesome! What an informative and entertaining video spot. OK, OK…I’m a plant. For all you that have never been to his site, spend the time to peruse his many other videos.
    He is a lot of fun and I’m not getting paid near enough to say this!!! Seriously, Pop WW, congrats on getting Marc on board.
    He has a very loyal following. I’m off to start my subscription.

  • Tim Haller

    I had never thought about some of your uses for blue tape, even though I’m a big fan of the stuff. Here’s a favorite use in my shop.

    Have you ever ripped a board to size, only to discover that it’s just a hair too wide? Rather than trying to move the fence a few thousandths, I just run a strip (or two or three) of blue tape the full length of the fence and run the piece(s) through again. This works great for removing minor burn marks, saw marks (after putting in a clean/sharp blade), etc.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Dan Butler

    Nice touch Marc. Although I’ve been woodworking for longer than you’ve been alive, I still learn new and useful things every day. I think your presentation here is pleasing and instructive. Look forward to seeing more of you both in the magazine and here as well.

  • Rob Porcaro

    Blue tape comes in various degrees of adhesion. For general use, I like the commonly available 3M #2090 tape which is rated at "medium adhesion, 14 day removal". Home centers stock several different grades.

    The 3M #2040 Solvent Resistant tape is handy for finishing applications.

    I enjoy Marc’s videos. He’s engaging and fun! And his hair is Perfect.

  • Coastal Eddie

    Now that your on staff at P.W.W. are you going to have time for more shop projects?

  • John Hanlon

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the use of masking tape. I find new uses for it all of the time. I have, however, moved to green tape instead of blue. You can leave it on virtually forever without it sticking (as mentioned above) and I haven’t found any finished surface that it fouls. Great stuff, but I had to go to a paint store to get it, HD didn’t carry it.

  • Nicholas Vanaria

    As always, a SPECTACULAR presentation. Can’t wait to you in print!!!!!

  • T. Carlson

    Great Video Mark. I look forward to next presentation.

  • ChandlerChuck

    Find a little magic in the mundane…great line. Did Nicole come up with that one? Great video. I’m going to go and buy some blue tape and the latest copy of PWW right now…really.

    Be sure to give The Wood Whisperer lots and lots of money. His abilities as a woodworker, speaker and a teacher are worth every penny and he has a huge following who reads, watches and respects everything he and his wife does. A top notch team!

  • Carl Storz

    Great job as usual! Looking forward to more of the same. Well, wood is biological after all. 3M is in the bio field also, so I guess that this is another progression. Keep up the good work!

  • Steve

    Marc and TheWoodWhisper will be a great column for Popular WoodWorking. I look forward to more … especially the instructional videos. Marc is also a great teacher.

  • Bill Donley

    Great personality, great presentation. As they say in the circus….he’s worth the price of admission’.
    Keep it up…please!

  • Mike Davin

    Great job Marc, I look forward to seeing you more in Pop. WW’ing.


  • Marc

    If the only complaint is my hair, then I think we are doing well. lol.

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I think we will be seeing a lot of great things coming out of this partnership with Pop. WW’ing. Exciting times my friends!


  • Bob Kuchar

    I had a problem removing blue tape from metal after it had been in place for a long time (several months.) Because the adhesive had dried out, the tape pulled off in small bits and pieces instead of one long strip. Solution: I used a hair dryer to soften the adhesive.

    I don’t think you need a hair cut, but agree about the brads.


  • Michael Marzullo

    boo-ya baby! Marc is in the house!

    I love blue tape as well. I especially like it for keeping hardware in place when drilling the screw holes, or even keeping those small screws/hardware parts together after opening a package so I don’t lose them. I also like to use it on a straight edge or level to mark as a story board. Need to change the marks, replace the tape. It’s also great for securing small kids to basement support poles when you need to keep them safe. great baby sitter too…

    Great vid as usual Marc, except that you need a hair cut, and…um…brad nails? hang your head in shame……

    A great addition to your team, Glen. I’m glad you reconized how valuable Marc is.


  • Brad Ferguson

    Great Video Marc, I too am a blue tape fan. You left out my favorite use, its my go to finger bandage in the shop for those little cuts that tend to get blood drops on your work. Its nice and sticky, molds good to your fingertip and keeps the blood off your work and dust out of your cut.

  • Mike Lingenfelter

    Hey Marc, fancy meeting you over here :). Another nice video. I never had much luck using the blue tape when using it with my circular saw. Maybe I wasn’t pressing it down enough. I’ll give that a try next time.



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