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photo[7]We’re in the shop today and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday) with a group of 10 visiting woodworkers to film a video on making a tricky three-legged Chinese Stool (long-time readers might recall this project from the Winter 2009 issue of Woodworking Magazine).

The stool looks simple to build – but it’s not. The center mortise-and-tenon joints all come together at angles, and have to go together simultaneously for everything to work. It’s an excellent exercise in layout and angled joinery. So, we decided to film this one with a group of folks so that Bob Lang, who is teaching the class, could answer real Z5406questions from those who are building the project, rather than trying to anticipate the challenges and address all possible questions from a first-person omniscient viewpoint. And, sometimes it’s just fun to get in the shop with a bunch of people. And of course, it’s an excellent excuse to have on hand the most important tool in our shop (at least early on a Saturday morning) — doughnuts.

This video is scheduled to be available in February of 2014.

We have some other video shoots and DVD releases on the schedule (in addition to the release of more classic seasons of Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop” on DVD), including “Super-Tune a Backsaw” with Matt Cianci and “Build a 2-Day Workbench” with Christopher Schwarz.

But, we’ve still some slots booked in the video studio that aren’t yet earmarked for topic. So tell us in the comments below what you want to see – and we’ll do our best to deliver. Heck, if the topic is right, we might invite you to come work with us; I’ll bring the doughnuts.

 — Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • Shawn Nichols

    Here are my choices:

    – Six-board chest (I love the design from the latest issue but for a weekend class I’m thinking nails and rabbets)

    – Trestle Table from WM Autum 2006 (Seems tight for a weekend class but I’d love a video on it)

    – Dutch tool chest

    I’d love to participate in one of these.

  • tropicalww

    How’s about a video dedicated to curves by hand? Build a bow saw, then show how to set up/sharpen spokeshaves, and rasp selection. Schwarz just did a bow saw class, the Roubo book is done, his FORP bench is almost done, he’s about to run out of things to do!! 🙂

    Or, maybe a Roorkhee chair video!!!

  • Lemonjello

    I loved this project! I’ve built 4 so far, one in cherry, one in walnut and two in walnut seat with maple legs. I made it easier by gluing stretcher together as one unit, then legs and seat to it after stretcher was dry. I cut tenons at an angle to the leg so the go in seat vertically. Makes the two step glue up much easier and joinery can be tighter fitting. Great joinery challenge and where a good bevel gauge really shows its worth.

  • mike hamilton

    Does Graeter’s do donuts too? After years of having their ice cream brought to me from Cincy. I set foot in a store and discovered they were confectioners as well. Don’t remember donuts though……


  • Jonathan Szczepanski

    “Donuts!” – My Daughter

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