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2M4A0713It’s great to have woodworking-related companies close to our magazine shop. Here in Cincinnati, we have Gorilla Glue, Bioformix (makers of Nexabond 2500M adhesive) and Senco within shouting distance. And yesterday, a couple of guys from Senco stopped by to show us the new 23-gauge pinners coming out soon. The two tools (FinishPro23SXP and FinishPro23LXP) differ in that SXP shoots headless pins up to and including 1-3/8″ while the LXP handles headless pins as long as 2″, plus the shorter pins.

Pinners (what I call tools such as these that shoot 23-gauge fasteners) have a different safety setup than found on fasteners that shoot brads. Brad fasteners have a safety feature in the nose; you depress the nose in order to fire a brad. Pinners, on the other hand, have safety features right at your fingertip. There are two triggers – one is for safety and the second sends the pin on its way. Manufacturers call this “sequential dual trigger safety.” With a pinner, due to the ultra-narrow nose, you can get tighter into corners than you can when using a brad fastener. And with a 23-gauge pin there is almost no indentation in your work that needs to be filled. These are great tools for attaching cove mouldings and other trim work on furniture.

The two pinners have aluminum housings, so they are lightweight – 2.5 pounds for the FinishPro 23SXP and 2.7 pounds for the FinishPro23LXP. Both pinners have a lockout system so you don’t continue firing pins that aren’t there. In fact, the tools lock out before you get to the last pin, but you can override the system if you need only a couple of pins to finish the job. Additionally, the 1/4″ air inlet swivels for easier handling of the tool and hose, and the air exhaust is at the rear of the fastener. It has an embedded muffler.

These pinners should hit store shelves with very attractive pricing. The SXP is slated to be $159 and the LXP is $225. When asked when these would be available, we were told “about a month” – which would be in late September or early October. We’ll have one in the shop in a few weeks. After we use it for a while, we’ll post more.

— Glen D. Huey

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  • gumpbelly

    Might be wrong, but 2″ length for 225 bux is some kinda deal, made better if you give it a glowing review that it works as advertised. Senco usually has a good product. Looking forward to review.

  • Sawduster

    Many thanks for the heads-up. I;m considering a Porter=Cable to this point and plan to purchase before Black Friday. Maybe after you’ve shot a few pins you’ll compare.

    Russell Pitner

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