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WW-RouterValuePack-BoxTake a look inside almost anyone’s shop and you’ll see the regular assortment of power tools. You’ll see a table saw and a band saw, and you may stub your toe on a jointer and planer.  Those machines are most useful at the beginning of a project, but as you get into the project, there is a tool that is used more often than those tools combined. At least it’s that way in my shop. That tool is a router – I’m talking one with a pigtail.

There is so much you can do using  routers. This one tool – with router bits, guide bushings, templates and patterns – can change your woodworking for the better. That’s why we bundled the best DVDs, articles, books and jigs into the Woodworker’s Ultimate Router Value Pack.

Included in this collection of everything router is two DVDs (one on router basics and a second, “Router Joinery & Techniques,” that teaches how to get more out of your router – I’m partial to the second DVD as it has my name attached); two books, both written by Bill Hylton that are full of information and are great additions to any woodworking library; and numerous articles, downloads and PDFs.

L&B DDMy favorite addition to this collection is the “Line & Berry String Inlay by Router” digital download. I like building Chester County, Pa., furniture, and with the information contained in this download in your arsenal, you can knock out great period designs. Again, this is one of my contributions to the Woodworker’s Ultimate Router Value Pack. In it I describe how to make patterns from photos of actual antique pieces, explain how to setup your router to cut line recesses and demonstrate how to make string from scraps found in the shop. This download alone, in my opinion, is worth half the total costs of the pack.

BitAnother major addition to this collection – a piece of the pie that increases the value of the pack considerably – is the included router bit. (That’s right, we send you a router bit – a Whiteside router bit – in the Value Pack.) When they asked me what router bit to include, I took little time with my answer. A 3/16″ roundover bit is one of those router bits that is always loaded in my trim router. It’s perfect for lipped drawers because you get a small reveal at the face of the drawer and the profile completes a 90° turn at the 1/4″ mark; that’s where my rabbet kicks off.

The Woodworker’s Ultimate Router Value Pack is priced at $79.99. As you can see in the opening photo, if you purchase the pack, you save 58 percent off regular retail prices. That saves you close to $110. And what it adds to your woodworking is, well you know, priceless.

— Glen D. Huey

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