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It’s been interesting to make a drawer from MDF, plywood and pine.

I am constantly amazed at the amout of scrap wood I have lying about my shop, garage and shed. I recently moved to a different house and sorted through my piles of wood. But you know how that went , it all got moved (at least I don’t save my sawdust , although I’ve thought about it).

But it wasn’t a mistake to keep my scrap lumber. I’ve been using it to build my new router table. As you know from my first installment, the cabinet was scrap pine from the top of my garage (not part of the garage, it was just sitting there in the rafters).

Well, the pullouts, drawer and inner box are made of scrap plywood. One board I had been using for a tool rack, another board was left over from my travel trailer project and others were from long-forgotten projects. I guess this is my attempt at recycling and reusing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The final router-table installment will show you how to make what I think of as the “heart” of this router table , the adjustable router carriage. It’s unique and makes changing bits as easy as it will ever get. And adjusting the height of the router is pure joy. Well, okay, it’s really easy , you don’t have to stand on your head to do it.

Also, I’ll show you how to wire up a switched outlet , it’s shockingly easy. You can keep the router plugged in and turn it on at the flick of the switch. And, because the outlet has space for another plug, your shop vacuum can be plugged in and turned on at the same time as the router. No more running and tripping (yes, it’s happened) to hit the switch on the vacuum.

Enough already, let’s do some woodworking.

, Jim Stack, Popular Woodworking Books

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  • tnhusker

    Everyone knows you can’t throw away scraps. Everytime I start to think my wife is correct and I should get rid of short pieces and small plywood panels a use comes up.

    I need another room just for small wood.


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