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The bench before I added the crochet.

The bench before I added the crochet.

You can now order my newest DVD “Build a Sturdy Workbench in 2 Days” from Popular Woodworking for $24.99.

The two-hour video show you how to build a sturdy workbench using home-center materials and a benchtop made using solid-wood kitchen countertop from IKEA. It really can be built in two days – I built it in real time in the studio.

I’m not sure when the DVD will be released, but you can pre-order it here.

If you’d like to read more about the workbench, here are some notes on the bench.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • DragonFyre

    Has the bugs been fixed in the video download?


  • JRB

    I am considering a torsion box top to use with this work bench. Weight may be augmented with a few internal sand bags i would think. Any comments?
    Still waiting to hear from Megan regarding the cut list for the downloaded version of this project.

  • hdsteele

    The downloaded videos show bench dog holes magically appearing on the front legs without explanation or mention…what’s up with that? I am missing the additional files (Sketchup, cut list, etc.) as well. Good video beyond these two minor things…

  • rmihai


    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I got the Video download. I love the simplicity and cleverness of the design. And I mean it. It also leaves options for later additions (like a front vise, etc). Well done.

    I have 2 questions:
    1. Instead of a laminated top, can I use 4×4 lumber? (cat it to length, orienting to the end grain, and planning the surface)
    2. in my area 4×4 Ash is cheaper than Maple. Can I use Ash for the top?

    Thank you very much Chris. Your work much appreciated.

  • kluck

    Hello Chris,
    I didn’t know I had such a good idea! I have made two benches using IKEA desk tops (Gerton – Part Number:
    501.067.73 – 61″ x 21.5″ X 1 1/8″ – $80 USD). I used two tops, Gorilla Glued together. This makes a top 2.25″ thick and very solid. I did very little to flatten the top. So I recommend your method to anyone questioning this method.

  • hjquigley

    Are there measured dwg’s with the DVD or are they avail as a down load when the DVD is purchased?

  • jasalomon

    Congrats on the Roubo book release. I have a question about this ‘Two-bo’ build, regarding the lamination of the two countertop pieces. The video shows you starting some drywall screws on one edge and then finishing up on another edge. Did you use any screws in the center of the tops as well, or only along the edges? (If the latter, is there any worry about inadequate bonding of the tops in the middle?) Thanks!

  • WorkingIt

    Do you think it would be possible to use these Ikea countertops and pair them with the 18th Century Roubo workbench design? I’d like to go Roubo but am looking for an easy-ish top.

  • dwdougherty

    I purchased the downloadable version of the video yesterday. Two files are presented for download, but both appear to be different resolutions of the video (videos are full-lenght, but one file is smaller). I was expecting one video file and then a file of the extras that are on the DVD (plan, cut-list, bench top flattening article, etc.). Do download customers not get the extras? I’ve also emailed customer service with the same issue.

    Thank you and




    Since the top is attached with lag screws, would this design be a candidate for a leg-mounted vice?

  • plandraw

    I have a question about a previous project, the Moravian stool (Dec.2012). I have never put a wedge in a thru tenon. How deep should the kerf slot be cut in the leg? I am going to wait on my glue up until I learn this. The legs all fit fairly snug.
    Thanks, John W.

  • Bill Lattanzio

    If you don’t mind me asking, I have a question about the front lower stretchers. I notice that , relative to the legs, they are thinner than on some other benches. I’ve been under the impression that a wide stretcher (possibly) adds stability and definitely adds weight. Is that stretcher less important overall than the rest of the structure of the bench? Thanks

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