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In honor of “International Dress Like Norm Day” (the official celebration begins tomorrow), a fair number of us dressed like our favorite television woodworker.

Because of the short notice, neither Megan Fitzpatrick nor Bob Lang had time to grow proper beards. But they are bearded on the inside, I promise you.

Don’t forget to send in a photo of yourself dressed like Norm Abram and send it to me by midnight Monday, Nov. 2, at The person who sends in the best photo (as determined by our staff), will win a great prize. What’s the prize? We’re still working on that.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Wayne Bias

    Hey! Enough of the Bob Villa cuts. If it wasn’t for Bob Villa, we would not have This Old House or Norm on TV. Amen!

  • Robert Finley

    Norm is truly a very nice guy and a talented craftsman who shares his knowledge with grace and fun.
    Let the Somali pirats (spelling intentional) keep Villa. He is first and actor and I question his skill with any tools, hand or power. If he doesn’t have a script he is lost.

  • Joe Barry

    This is to respectfooly inform you that Somali pirates now hold the great and all-knowing BOB VILA!!!! for ransom. For 1 meelion dollars US, we keep him and you never see him except in reruns again. We are serious. Do not send US Air Piorate military to save him or we will practice what you call "catch and release" We mean business!

  • Bob Demers

    This is a hoot! Glad to see you guys, and gal, are having a fun time at the ‘office’. That mean that you are genuinely enjoying your work and each other company.
    Keep up the fun loving work, it is truly reflected in everything you are producing.

    I am also of the opinion that is this a great mark of affection to bestow on Norm to even suggest such a contest. By the power invested in me by the Radio Shack battery club, I do declare, Attaboy, and remember to wear your safety glass while posing as Norm

    Bob, still chuckling

  • Christopher Schwarz


    We’ve all met Norm several times. Though I’m sure he doesn’t know who the heck I am, I think he’s one of the most genuinely nicest people I’ve met in the business. We all think the world of the guy and what he’s done for our craft.

    All the best,


  • John Cashman

    Why didn’t Glen dress up, that’s funny. I was thinking he was the only one who looked natural. You should have posed in front of the drum sander, not Chris’ handsaws.

    I’ve never liked those who turn their noses up at Normites. I think this is a very touching tribute.

  • Steve McDaniel

    Where’s Bob Vila’s flannel shirt?

  • Jason B

    Vila’s not even trying!!!

  • Shannon

    How come Glen didn’t dress up?

  • raney

    I don’t event think I want to know whose Bob Vila standup that is. And if it IS Megan’s, I really don’t want to know what form of aggression she’s working off with that brad nailer…

    You guys are not right.

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