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From mastering hand tools to router basics, 18th-century joinery to Japanese hand tools and joinery, you’ll find it all among the five new DVD selections now available  to order at (and four of them are on “pre-sale” which means you save 20 percent if you order before the DVDs arrive in the warehouse).

“Handsaws: Tune-up, Setup & More”

Handsaws: Tune-up, Setup & More,” by Ron Herman, picks up where “Sharpen Your Handsaws” left off. While knowing how to sharpen a saw is the first half of the battle to getting excellent results, knowing how to choose the proper saw to fit your body – and how to choose the proper saw for the job at hand – plus learning how to set it up for maximum performance, will have you wielding all your handsaws like a master.

Ron shows you: how eye dominance plays a part in making a straight cut; how your thrust-line affects the ease of saw use; how to set up and use traditional miter boxes; how to tension a handsaw; and more!

“Handsaws: Tune-up, Setup & More” is on sale now for $19.99.

Ron Herman is the owner of Antiquity Builders of Ohio, a century-old family business. As a master housewright and carpenter, Ron works on historically accurate restoration projects and has sharpened thousands of saws in his career!


“Mastering Hand Tools: Basic Skills for Balanced Woodworking.”

Want to learn how to use hand tools? Check out Christopher Schwarz’s latest DVD, “Mastering Hand Tools.” Chris introduces you to the basic hand tool skills you need in this hybrid woodworking world – you’ll discover when and why hand tools are the right choice.

You’ll get Chris’s advice on choosing the right tools for your kit, how to set up and sharpen them, and, of course, how to properly use them, including: choosing and using marking knives; using marking gauges and cutting gauges (and how they’re different); sharpening and using jack planes and smoothing planes; the benefits of braces and hand drills; expert instruction on chisels, mallets, scrapers and router planes; and more!

“Mastering Hand Tools: Basic Skills for Balanced Woodworking” is on sale now for $19.99.

Christopher Schwarz is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, where he worked between 1996 and 2011. He is now a contributing editor to that magazine and also serves as a contributing editor to The Fine Tool Journal.


“A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out”

In this unique video, Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton start with an 18th-century drop-front Winchester desk in pieces, then they walk you through putting it together – you get an actual inside look at all the joinery on “A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out.”

You’ll: discover the hows and whys of secret compartments; understand the joinery used in period furniture (and see what’s different than how we might build today); learn case construction methods; take a look at applied mouldings; and more. It’s a fascinating and entertaing mix of history, furniture anatomy and period construction.

“A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out” is on sale right now for $19.99.

Jeff Headley is a fourth-generation cabinetmaker in the family business of Mack S. Headley & Sons (not to be confused with Mack Headley Jr. of Colonial Williamsburg), which reproduces pieces of American furniture built before the 1820s. Jeff has written for woodworking magazines, demonstrated on Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop” and lectured to many organizations and museums, including Colonial Williamsburg.

Steve Hamilton is a Virginia craftsman who is responsible for building many of the most magnificent pieces of our generation. He has participated in the building, finishing, and restoration of furniture found in some of the most prestigious private collections in the country. His work can be seen at Colonial Williamsburg, Carlisle House, Mt. Vernon, the White House, and the U.S. Parks Service, to name a few. He’s been a master builder with Mack S. Headley & Sons for 30 years.


“Japanese Hand Tools & Joinery”

Discover the art and artistry of Japanese woodworking, from tools to traditional construction methods, with “Japanese Hand Tools & Joinery,” by Jay van Arsdale. Jay talks you through the history of Japanese pull saws, handplanes, chisels and more.

You’ll: discover the history, developement and use of traditional Japaense tools; learn expert sharpening techniques; and follow along as Jay shows you how to cut traditional Japanese joinery.

“Japanese Hand Tools & Joinery” is shipping now, and available for $24.99.

Jay van Arsdale is a long-time California daiku. He is the author of Shoji: How to Design, Build and Install Japanese Screens, and is a contributing editor on The Complete Japanese Joinery. Jay is the founder of Daiku Dojo, a community service volunteer organization (, and is a graduate of Centre College, Danville, Ky. and Mills College, in Oakland, Calif.


“Getting Started with Routers: How to Choose and Use Woodworking’s Most Versatile Tool”

David Thiel introduces you to this simple but versatile woodworking powerhouse. Equally capable of making delicate cuts for inlay work and hogging out waste for mortises, the router is useful for hundreds of woodworking tasks.

On “Getting Started with Routers,” you’ll: discover the various features available on these tools, and how to choose the best one for you woodworking needs; learn the basics of proper router use; and discover how to cut joinery and decorative profiles. Plus, you’ll get free plans for a simple-to-build basic router table.

“Getting Started with Routers: How to Choose and Use Woodworking’s Most Versatile Tool” is on sale now for $15.99.

David Thiel was the tool editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine for 12 years and hosted the television show “Tools & Techniques” on the DIY Network. He is now the acquisitions editor for Popular Woodworking Books and still finds time to put his embarrassingly large router collection to use.

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