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After cutting my 86th carcase dovetail in two days I was pretty much on auto-pilot and oblivious to external stimuli.

oblivious? Apparently I busted a knuckle and left this nice smear on my
Moxon double-screw vise and didn’t notice it until this morning.

I’m a
big fan of Japanese ink painting, especially those in the Zen tradition.
I’ve actually tried my hand at it a few times.

So far, this is my best effort.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • Paul

    Without bleeding hands, you are not working. Let people know you have been working, and if it’s on a project that you intend to sell, charge more. Claim pain and suffering and all that nonsense. Paul

  • Charles

    You may have been in auto-pilot during this but I prefer to imagine you frothing at the mouth, in a Full Metal Jacket sort of intense craze… because that would be completely normal. I guess I just want to believe there are others out there like me (insane and express passion by bloodletting).

  • Bart johnson

    My dad alway said that no project is truely successful unless you bleed on it at least once. Seems to be a philosophy that Sir Roy follows as well. lol. Bart

  • Eric R

    Suck it up dude and keep chopping.

  • Ron

    I got nothin’. Does look pretty cool though. 🙂

  • Colin

    Maybe that’s the answer to all those tools that go walkabout. Bleed on them all a bit and no one will want to touch them.

  • Christopher Schwarz
  • Steve

    I am reminded of Dogbert’s Brown Ring of Quality.

  • robert

    absent minded trance
    persimmon hangs on the branch
    now knuckle busted

  • Peter Baines

    I had a little job cutting up stips of ply. I had to make 200 cuts to get the pieces I needed. Real simple, just push the sheet past the blade 200 times.

    I too was on autopilot………

    …….which will be why I ended up standing directly behind the blade.

    Well; I dont have any pictures, but let me tell you, when a piece of ply is projected from the blade towards your belly at 100mph, the resulting mess soon snaps you out of autopilot and causes you to re-gain focus, real quick.

  • john c.

    Nice title for the post. It’s eccentric and pretentious….. sorta reminded me of the furniture naming contest a while back. I am laughing here.

  • Mark

    Ahh…that’s it. I mistook the deadman for the bench leg. I know SYP shrinks but that much on the bench top would be impressive.

  • Gene

    Actually, I think Mark is referring to the shoulder on the dead-man.

  • Mark

    Just curious. What is that gap between the tenon shoulder on your bench and the bench top?

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