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Over the past month or so, I’ve been posting about new tools coming from Festool. As you may have taken from my post, Carvex, Festool’s totally innovative new jigsaw, had me jazzed – that doesn’t happen very often. (Although I do have to admit that Festool has been one company that has tweaked my saliva gland multiple times).

Since I had the tool in the shop and have used it numerous times, I was shocked to read that Festool has decided to hold back on the release of Carvex due to concerns raised during late round tests. It doesn’t shock me that Festool would make this call so late in the game. It would have been easy for the company to release Carvex, let the chips fall where they may and deal with any problems after the saw was in customer hands, but that’s not Festool.

Below is a letter from the President and CEO of Festool USA.

When I hear further news, or when Festool plans to re-introduce Carvex, I’ll get the information out quickly.

— Glen D. Huey

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    The honesty and integrety of the crew at PWW is the reason that us newbees put so much faith in your articles and plans. Thanks folks,from all your readers!!
    Cheers–Robert in Ne.

  • cbf123

    “…certain applications specific to North America…”

    How do people in North America use a jigsaw differently than people anywhere else in the world?

  • Maurice

    Glen, you obviously have a defective tool. Send the Carvex to me, and I will properly dispose of it.


  • Eric R

    I wish more companies would take this example of NOT releasing a tool that they know might be less then they hoped it would be.
    Good for Festool.
    Thanks Glen.

  • Andrew Yang

    Hi Glen,
    I’m wondering if there was any specific feedback about the power switch that drove this decision. I know it was a new tool for you, but it was a bit disconcerting that it was so easy to accidentally switch on while you were demoing it during the LN Show.

  • Steve_OH

    I can imagine the back-room conversation:

    “Everything is good to go for the Carvex release. Even Glen Huey is enthusiastic about it.”

    “Wait a minute… Did you say ‘Glen Huey’? From Popular Woodworking?”

    “Yes, he loves it.”

    “Oh, man. That means there’s gotta be something seriously wrong with the design. You know he’s been impersonating Megan Fitzpatrick on their blog, too, right? We’re going to have to hold back production until we figure it out.”



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