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Like everyone else, when we order a new machine, we never know exactly when it’s coming. I got word yesterday afternoon that Steel City Toolworks had shipped us a new table saw for us to test.  
bobandbuddy.jpgIt was coming by truck, so I didn’t expect to see it until next week.

Actually I was secretly hoping that it would arrive tomorrow when I’d be on my way to Rochester, or Monday when I could foist the task of getting it in the shop off on our new editor. I was wrapping things up in preparation for the trip when a truck rolled by my window on its way to the loading dock outside our shop.

A few minutes later Chris Schwarz came to my desk to tell me that a truck was here. After spending a few minutes with the smokers on the loading dock watching the truck driver back in between cars to get to the dock, we unloaded this crate.

You’ll probably notice that the truck driver is doing the pushing and shoving, while I’m just standing there leaning on the pallet jack. Chris is doing even less work, however. Pulling journalistic rank he was manning the camera.

Inside the box is a Steel City Model 35601 10″ Table Saw. It’s the smallest saw in the company’s lineup, and we chose to test this one first for several reasons. It’s priced and sized like most so called hybrid saws, but it is constructed more like a cabinet saw.

We’ll be posting here on the blog as we put the saw together and check it out here in our shop. We plan on taking photos of the process, so you’ll get to see what this machine is like, what it’s like to set it up, and most importantly how well it does its job.

We only had time today to take the cardboard off and take a peak inside, but our first impression was a good one.

The crate is more like a steel rollcage, and everything was well packed to avoid damage in shipping. In the lower front corner of the crate are the cast iron extension wings.

Inside the cabinet, the motor is also packed in foam, all the bits and pieces look like they’re here, and it’s a nice looking machine.

I usually don’t look forward to Monday mornings, especially after travelling, but next week will be different. I’ll be the first one on my block to get a close look at this saw, and you’ll be the first ones to read about it.

Bob Lang

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  • Karl Rookey

    You, Chris, et. al. really do have one of the coolest jobs on the planet! Thanks for sharing a bit of it through this and the Woodworking Magazine blog.


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