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No matter how many times I’ve complained in the last five years, I have been unable to get our technical people to change the search function on this blog, which stinks.

So I’m taking matters into my own hands. It might be a little rough, but I’ve created a custom search through Google, which I will start embedding in my blog. This search will automatically use Google to search this blog, plus my personal blog at home, which is also dedicated to woodworking.

Let’s hope this works.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • dale

    excellent….did a "beer" search and found all of your references to the wonderful stuff……too bad there was a lot of woodworking clutter included………..

  • Dean

    If you want search results for only one month, and only one of the two blog sites, then you can use the following search string. Include the quotes, and of course change the month and year as needed. Make sure there is no space in between the hyphen and the website name.

    "march 2010"

    This entry will give you all the blog entries for the month of March 2010 for “” but NOT “”

    "march 2010"

    This entry will give you all the blog entries for the month of March 2010 for “” but NOT “”


    If you don’t use the exclusion (NOT) operator (the hyphen) in front of website name then it will show all the results for the website name you entered first, followed by the results for the unnamed website.

    I think most of the time you will be wanting to look at blogs for “” OR “” but not both in the same search. But, by not including the hyphen in front of the site name you entered, you can separate the results for easier searching.

  • Rainer

    Excellent, thank you! As someone fairly new to your blog(s), this will be handy.

    As an ex-sysadmin, I can tell you most web monkeys are very overrated, especially the Microsofties. Good for you for taking matters into your own hands.


  • Chris,
    It works very well. However, is there a way to browse those older posts more easily? The only way I’ve been able to do it is to hit the back button on your archive calendar, which is painfully slow month by month. It seems like it would be nice to go back to a particular month and then move forward and backward. Just a thought. Thank you.


  • Mark

    A vast improvement Chris. Woodworking and techie skills in the same hands? What more can you ask for?

  • Mitchell

    I tried your new search feature, Chris, and it wasn’t successful for me.

    I entered, "What is the name of Christopher Schwarz’s blog at home".

    No hits.

    Seriously, I follow; and Is there another, or does that just about cover them all?


  • Carlos Zenteno

    Good job Chris!! Works fine…
    Guess what!

    I searched for "workbench" (very original for this
    blog) and I got 100 hits, I am sure that 100 is the limit
    and I should had gotten 1000, but it still
    really good to find old posts…

  • Scott MacLEOD

    My isn’t that much more efficient.

    Thanks Chris

  • Dean

    The new Google search option seems to work just fine Christopher. I searched on “low angle plane” and got 67 hits. I remembered you talked about low angle planes on the April 8th 2010 blog called “May the Wayne be With You”. That came up as a hit on the 3rd page of hits. Also, the blogs that formed the search results were either “Lost Art” or “”.

    Yeah, I know what you mean about those technical people. I was one of them until I retired last year. 🙂

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