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This week the winner of the Wood Talk Online (WTO), Acanthus Workshops and Popular Woodworking contest was announced. Congratulations to David Cloutier of Derry, N.H. He is in the process of selecting a class and the guys at WTO are going to try to get an interview with Cloutier after he completes his weekend. That should be interesting.

Now for the fun stuff, as trivial as it might be. These are the contest questions and the answers. Reading the answers is not nearly as comical as hearing Matt and Marc’s comments as they give out the answers during Wood Talk Online (click here to download episode 52), but here goes:

1. What city was Chris Schwarz in where he fainted during a woodworking demonstration? (Ontario, California)

2. In what city was Chris Schwarz when he had an expensive infill plane stolen right under his nose? (Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania.)

3. Where did Bob Lang go to High School? (Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent, Ohio)

4. Chris Schwarz has referred to Bob Lang’s taste in music as ’60-’70s rock-and-roll, but the only musical artist Bob has ever referred to in the blog is from a different genre and era. Name this musical artist? (Alison Kraus)

5. Bob Lang has published seven books. Five of those books are about the Arts & Crafts period. Name the titles of the remaining two books? (“The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker” & “Drafting and Design for Woodworkers”)

6. What industry did Marc Spagnuolo work in before becoming a professional woodworker?  (Biotech)

7. What instrument does Marc Spagnuolo play? (Drums)

8. What was the name of Marc Spagnuolo’s furniture business?  (Marc’s Wood Creations)

9. What piece of furniture did Glen Huey build, with help from his Father, when he was 13 years old? (Sheraton Field Bed)

10.  What piece of furniture was the first to put Glen Huey on the cover of Popular Woodworking magazine? (Pennsylvania Spice Box)

11. What is Matt Vanderlist’s day job? (Cytotechnologist)

12. What is the name of the German shop teacher Chuck Bender had in high school? (Werner Duerr)

13. What business did Chuck Bender have in addition to furniture making? (Antiquarian books)

14. What special event in Chuck Bender’s son’s life did Chuck blog about? (His son’s achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout).

15. After 10 years in what town did Chuck Bender move his shop to its current location? (Glenmoore)

There you go. If you played along, you now have the answers and if you didn’t, you missed out on the fun and, unlike Mr. Cloutier, you’ll have to pay for your next woodworking class.

– Glen D. Huey

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