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David has converted his basement into his personal workshop. As you can see, it’s a great location for his new equipment.

David Bliley of Erie, Penn., is the lucky winner of the 2015 $9,500 Workshop Makeover Giveaway.

David’s been working in the HVAC field for the past 12 years, but has also found time to remodel houses – and loves to practice woodworking out of his basement workshop. And when it comes to woodworking, he enjoys crafting many things. We wanted to know a little more about our winner – we were happy to find he’ll put his many new tools to good use…

How did you get into woodworking?
Shortly after remodeling my first house. I kinda permanently borrowed my dad’s miter saw and various other tools and would use them on and off. A neighbor across the street asked me if I wanted his old radial arm saw, so I took him up on it. I used that saw so much I decided to buy a table saw. Of course that led to a band saw and a planer and so on.

What was your first project?
My first project non-house related was a cigar-box bass guitar; I got the idea from a family member. I made the small toy bass for my dad as he is a big bass player. Kinda learned as I went and made the neck and head out of oak. He can even plug it into his amp. A Pizo tweeter acts as a microphone sending the sounds to his amp. I guess I owed him for that miter saw.

What tools do you find yourself using most around the shop?
I definitely use my table saw the most out of all the equipment I have. I am a fan of a smooth, quiet and accurate cut the table saw can provide; however, my planer and jointer have seen their fair share of use also. I buy a lot of rough-cut lumber to make projects, so all three of them are must-haves.

What project do you plan on working on next with your new equipment?
Hard to say what my next project will be. Lots of things around the house are needed, so I tend to work on them as needed. New kitchen cabinets are high on the list but I would also like to make some bedroom furniture. My wife, Erin, always says I make all kinds of stuff, but nothing for her. Maybe with this new equipment I will push some stuff to the side and make her something nice.

What does this win mean to you?
I am extremely excited to win this workshop makeover. To me, this is truly a makeover I can use. I have been resawing lots of lumber, so the new band saw will provide that much-needed precision. The portable planer I have works fine but it is a friend’s, not mine. Also, the extra power and larger width will be much appreciated. I am also looking forward to using a router with a lift; no more under-the-table adjustments. It will also be nice to have some higher-end clamps; mine flex quite a bit under tension. I am excited about every single thing I have won. Thanks to Jet, Bessey, Woodpecker and Popular Woodworking for making this happen.



Here are just a few of David’s projects: guitar stands, cherry end tables with matching coffee table, and a cigar box bass.

Congratulations, David!

— Bryan Griffith

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