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The April 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, which we are currently in the process of editing, will be the last with me at the helm.  Working at Popular Woodworking Magazine and becoming a part of the tight-knit community that revolves around it has been an honor for me. But, alas, I have decided to step down to pursue another opportunity. I have always had a soft spot for woodworking, good writing and magazines in general. I won’t be leaving those passions, just shifting them around.

I would not be leaving were I not confident that the magazine is poised for growth: Our readership has grown and is still rising, there is a solid plan for the next year’s issues in place and all hands at the magazine are quite skilled.

It has been an honor to work with not only the staff at at PWM, but also the talented regulars and all of the woodworking and publishing friends I have made over the 20 years I’ve spent in the field. And thanks to all of you who have welcomed me into the community here at See you in the shop.

– Matthew Teague

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  • corgicoupe

    Not looking forward to the tole paintings, Megan. But I’m confident you will bring some fun things to the fore.

  • Steve-o


    It is a great dissapointment to know you are leaving so soon. The hope of learning more about you and your style was not mine alone. My wife for one would love new dining chairs and a matching table. As a matter of fact you’re quite lucky she didn’t kidnap you to organize my shop (aka our garage) after your one car garage article several years ago.
    Please excuse the rabbit trail. The point is you have a great deal to offer the rest of us. So don’t avoid sharing a bit of yourself in print once in awhile… Or even periodically.

    And best wishes in the new year!

  • Jonas Jensen

    The best of luck from Denmark
    Merry Christmas

  • Bill Lattanzio

    Good luck in your new endeavor. I enjoyed reading your articles.

  • mswoody64

    you will be missed. good luck on your new venture

  • JKC

    The magazine has improved enormously over the past 5 years but I’m concerned with the wholesale changes in editorial personnel in the past few. It seems like the architects of the improvements are bailing and I’m worried.

  • Steven

    Best of luck in your next endeavor. When you first joined the PWW staff I was concerned that the magazine would move away from it’s growing emphasis on hand tools. To my delight, that never happened and the issues have been as great as ever under your tutelage. Thank you for your time and effort and best of luck in the future.
    Steven Tomaryn

  • AL

    Matthew, I have enjoyed reading your articles. I always liked the way you would tell little about yourself,in each article. Hopefully you will write an article once and awhile for PWM.

    Take Care

  • woodmagnet

    Good fortune in your future endeavours Mathew,
    “He who dares,wins.” ;0)

  • seancphillips

    Matthew, best wishes to you in your new endeavors. I’m a woodworking noob, a subsriber of 3 years, and I look at all the editors pieces mostly in a state of awe. It’s been a pleasure getting to ‘learn’ from you for these years, and I swear one day I’ll make that Krenov-inspired cabinet of yours featured earlier this year.

  • Ken Thayer

    Matthew, does this mean you’ll be coming back to Columbia to spend some quality time with your dad? Hope to see you. Remember, the Columbia Woodworkers’ Club is always looking for presenters. (Hint hint)

  • rwlasita

    Matthew, enjoy your new opportunity and don’t stray away too far. Rick

  • rwlasita

    Matthew, best wishes with your new opportunity, please don’t stray away too far.

  • Sawduster

    Matthew, As a long time subscriber to PWW, I just want to reflect it’s been great reading your articles. Most of your work is somewhat beyond my capabilities, but portions of each project have added to my learning curve. Thanks for your marvelous artistic work and education. You are a wonderful author and mentor What ever your next adventure, it will certainly be fantastic for its users. Please continue to have input in the PWW entries. Bon Voyage!

    Russell Pitner
    8600 Colleton Lane
    Hixson, TN 37343
    (423) 842-1080

  • Selkirksam

    I used to love PW, but have reached the point where I will not renew unless the magazine gets back to using modern tools in the articles. I appreciate the role all the hand tools have played in the art of woodworking, but enough is enough. Let’s get back to articles on how to build projects with power tools. Just my two cents.

  • robertwf

    Matthew, I have seen your work, Your credentials are impeccable. I would normally say best of luck but, if you stay in woodworking you wont need it and you will be doing the rest of us basement/garage hacks a great favor.
    Keep on truckin’

  • robert

    Why would you ever want to leave a magazine that allows time travel?

  • rushboy2112

    best of luck to you Matthew.

  • Christopher Schwarz

    Good luck on your next project, Matthew. It has been a pleasure to get to know you.


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