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Blotching can be beautiful.

Cherry is notorious for blotching, with all sorts of methods suggested for preventing it. But it’s important to keep in mind that “blotching” is simply the opposite of “beautiful figure.” When the figure is ugly, it’s called blotching. When the figure is attractive, it’s desirable and called beautiful figure.


Blotching can also be ugly.

So before trying methods to prevent the blotching from showing, which aren’t all that effective anyway in my experience, wet the wood with a solvent such as mineral spirits or alcohol to see if the figure in ugly or attractive. If attractive, you may want to accentuate it rather than eliminate it.

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  • gabrooke

    In my primary job, in the wine business, we have a similar dichotomy of words to describe wine. If the wine tastes good to you, it might be described as having a “Nice finish” while a wine you don’t like may be said to have an “Unpleasant aftertaste”. Figure =Finish, Blotching=Aftertaste.


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