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I’d like to have a formal get together while I’m in Williamsburg. I’d like to plan two recreated Franklin meetings:

The Junto will be a round table discussion about period woodworking, where it’s going, what’s new, what you need, and what we can offer each other. I’m going to tell you straight up- what you say at the Junto will very likely effect the future of period woodworking. I report to PW what I hear there and I actively lobby tool makers to make stuff that I think you need. This is my chance to listen to you and your chance to tell me what you want. What has happened at other Juntos is people at the table offer solutions to problems raised in the form of books, where to buy tools, etc.

This won’t be a bitch session about people or organizations. Please come and come prepared with a question, or an offer to help someone else. Not sure exactly who’s going to be there. I’m not planning any special guests. This is just us spending a morning together. Last year this was event took place in Shield’s Tavern. Shield’s is closed. So we’ll meet at 10:00 in the Wallace Dewitt Museum cafeteria on Sunday. The timing here is designed to allow folks attending both sessions to meet. If you have any questions, call me on my cell phone (leave a clear message and your phone number as I turn off my cell in the Wallace Dewitt). You can find my cell number on my website. I won’t have access to email.

JUNTO: Wallace Dewitt Museum Cafeteria 10:00am Sunday Jan 11.

The Every Night Club was Franklin’s group of drinking buddies. They met, get this, EVERY NIGHT. We’ll be meeting at the Green Leafe (www.greenleafe.com) which is a college bar on Richmond Road (next to the Hospitality House and across from Wm&Mary’s stadium). This is not a great place to chat, as it gets pretty loud, especially later in the evening. But it is a great place to drink. They have a good selection of beers on tap. We want to do this late enough so the guys in the sapfm exec council dinner have time to make it. But I’d like to get to bed at a decent hour so I have my wits about me for the Junto the following morning. So let’s say Saturday Night 8-10pm for this.

Again, you might want to call and check in. I’ll try to have my cell with me after our last session on Saturday.

EVERY NIGHT CLUB: The Green Leafe, Richmond Road 8-10pm Saturday Jan 10.

See you then,


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  • Adam Cherubini

    I’ll ask the galootirati, Al.


  • Al Rossi

    Anybody that reads this and gets to the Junto, please relay this question to Adam – It would be interesting to know more about 18th century finishing techniques and materials.


    Al Rossi


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