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 I cut myself twice during demos at Kelly Mehler’s (both times on the same finger).  I’m fairly clumsy, but I don’t cut myself often in my shop. I didn’t realize why St. Roy, jokes aside, seems to.  Now I know.  Demonstrating a complicated technique quickly, without moving the project too much, allowing cameras and students a good view, without fussing with the tools on the bench, puts you positions you would never permit in your shop.  Simply put, it’s our fault the guy cuts himself.  Stop teasing him about it.

Want to avoid accidents in the shop?  Turn off the cameras and throw everybody out.  Working wood and demonstrating wood working are completely different activities.  That said, I wonder if Deneb Puchalski or Chris Schwarz ever cut themselves.   They sure don’t seem to.



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  • John Grossbohlin

    Hmmmm…. I might be to blame for today’s nick at Saratoga!

    Nice to meet you!

  • Sean Hellman

    I agree, demonstrating has its own hazards, there are so many more distractions. Working quickly needs a huge amount of focus, that is why I only want to use my own tools. I usually nick myself when using new tools, as I am not use to there shape, length, angles of cut, etc.

  • Christopher Schwarz

    The worst woodworking injury I ever sustained was while demonstrating sharpening. I was using a honing guide to sharpen a plane iron. A student’s honing guide. A student’s cheap honing guide.

    The plane iron slipped and slashed open my hand — 11 stitches and a canceled class.

    It’s best argument against honing guides. They’re bloodthirsty!


  • Bjenk

    Sounds like a plan! Adam, you are tall enough to make The Schwarz show us his hands!


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