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2013CDJust in time for a last-minute Christmas gift (probably for yourself, if you’re reading this blog), we have all seven issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine from 2013 on CD. (Place your order by Friday, Dec. 13, if you need it by the 25th)

You can read the back-cover copy on the store site – and it speaks to a multitude of tastes rather than my perhaps idiosyncratic likes. So instead of just reprinting it here, I decided to list my top-10 favorite articles from 2013. And after that, I’ve selected my top three new tools that we reviewed in 2013.

In no particular order, my favorite articles are:
“The Milkman’s Workbench,” by Christopher Schwarz (June). This small but sturdy workbench (it fits in a large suitcase!) served me well in Colorado at a company meeting, where I had it clamped to a 6′ folding table so that members of our executive committee could go to town with saws and chisels. It took the abuse well.

“Hannah’s Inlaid Chest,” by Glen D. Huey (June). This smallish chest is just darn cute, and I like the simple inlay and tombstone-top drawers.

“Dan’s Whetstones,” by Larry Williams & Don McConnell (February). It’s a fascinating look at a family business in Arkansas that started as a hobby, and us now America’s largest supplier of natural oilstones.

“Shaker Blanket Chest,” by….me (October). Yes, I chose my own article; how very navel-gazing of me. But it’s not because of the project (though I do like it); it’s because of the sidebar on White Water Shaker Village. That article netted donations of materials enough to finish the floor work in the meeting house. I hope it continues to get folks interested, and that the site can open as planned in 2014 for visitors.

“Koshi-do,” by Toshio Odate (October). This is a moving piece on a master’s memories. Toshio is a national treasure.

“Joined (& Adorned) Bookstand,” by Peter Follansbee (October). I like any good-looking project that uses shop scraps, and I am drawn to 17th-century style carvings. And Peter’s beard is hypnotic.

“Dutch Tool Chest,” by Christopher Schwarz (October). Every time I have to travel with my tools, I remember that I need to make time to build this piece. And then I get home and forget, because I already have an English tool chest. (But I could use this for my, er, extra tools that don’t fit in the big chest.)
Note: October seems to have been my altogether favorite issue.

“Fixed-width Panel Raiser,” by Willard Anderson. Too insanely complicated of a project not to love. If you build it, please send pictures.

“Double-bevel Artistry,” by Jameel Abraham (August). Though I’ve not yet tried to do any double-bevel inlay, Jameel’s excellent article on the technique leaves me confident that I could. Really – it’s one of the best technique articles we’ve ever run (and without needing more than a couple edits for PWM style…which I admit may be a factor in by approbation).

“Mechanical Marvels or Steampunk Sporks?” by Roy Underhill (December). Quite simply, this was the most entertaining read of the year – and chock-full of expert information and user advice on the Stanley Nos. 45 and 55.

Top-three Tools Reviewed (again, these are my choices, in no particular order; they are not a collective selection by the editorial staff):
Vesper Tools Try Square (August)
Wood Owl Nail Chipper Bits (December)
Veritas Striking Knife (February)

And of course, we took a close look at a number of great tools, and we had far more than 10 good articles in 2013 … if I do say so myself.

Order your copy of the 2013 Popular Woodworking Magazine CD today – it’s searchable, printable and takes up almost no room on a shelf.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. Do you have a favorite PWM article or “best new tool” from 2013? Please tell us in the comments!

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  • Jim McCoy

    Two articles are tied for my favorite of the year. I knew I wanted to build a Dutch Tool Chest as soon as I saw the pictures in Chris’ blog. A local blacksmith is making me a pair of custom strap hinges and hasp and should have them ready any day now. And Roy Underhill’s show on raised panels got me interested in panel raising planes. I have an English badger plane but so far a decent panel raiser has been too far beyond my budget. Bill’s article struck a note in me and someday I hope to be able to make one myself. I agree, this has been a really good year for great articles. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


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