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The cutting list for the …?The Return of Roubo’ workbench in the August 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine has a small error in the cutting list. And I’d like to quickly clarify a couple things about the construction drawing.

First the error. I accidentally transposed the tenon lengths for the stretchers. The finished dimensions listed in the cutting list are correct , I just swapped the tenon lengths. So the tenons for the long stretchers should be listed as 4-1/4″ (instead of 2-3/4″). And the tenons for the short stretchers should be 2-3/4″ (instead of 4-1/4″). I apologize for that mistake.

And now a couple clarifications. I have the parallel guide listed as 1/2″ thick. That will work just fine , I’ve made many parallel guides out of 1/2″-thick maple. But in reality, my parallel guide is closer to 5/8″ thick (it was all dimensioned by hand so nothing is exactly anything). The bottom line with any parallel guide is that it fit snugly in the slot in the leg and yet move smoothly.

Also, a couple readers have pointed out that the drawing and cutting list indicate the legs are 4″ x 5-1/2″, yet in the photos they look almost square. Truth is, they probably are a little closer to square , I’m actually not sure. When I drew the workbench for publication I tried to use dimensions that I knew would work and that I knew would be easier for you to find or glue up.

With handwork you have to deal what you can find and balance it against what will work and what will look good. If you build this bench by hand, you’re going to find out what I mean. Once you gather your stock for your bench, my drawings and cutting list will become irrelevant anyway.

– Christopher Schwarz

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