Woodworking jigs don’t have to be expensive and complex. In fact, these DIY jig plans are amongst our most popular because of they’re really quite simple. We don’t believe jigs should be complicated projects in themselves; they exist to make your work easier! With as little as three wood pieces and two clamps, you’ll be able to make a guide for a handsaw. Or, five pieces of wood and a clamp will create a tenoning jig. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Learn how to make your own woodworking jigs: Free plans from PopularWoodworking.com!
Download free router dado jig plans from PopularWoodworking.com!

Learn how to build jigs that top woodworkers swear by.

These DIY plans are free, and the perfect place to begin making jigs, or a great way to build up the basics of your woodshop.

Note to self: Download this free plan for a DIY tenon jig for table saws free at PopularWoodworking.com.

1. Tenons Are Easy With These Table Saw Jig Plans

Cut accurate tenons with this easy to make table saw jig. All you need are three pieces of MDF, a couple strips of hardwood and a clamp to hold the work piece. This jig allows you to cut tenon cheeks vertically, which speeds up the process and eliminates the need for a dado stack. Stop making tenons on the router table and get the job done in no time with these table saw jig plans from Popular Woodworking. You’ll see exactly how to use your new woodworking jig in full-color photo demonstrations.

Download free DIY router dado jig plans!

2. Two-Piece Router Jig for Dados

Cut accurate dados quickly with a simple woodworking jig for your handheld router. We’ll show you how to make a jig that works for small or large pieces, and allows you to cut dados exactly where you want them. You’ll need two pieces of scrap material. To use your dado jig, just position it on the work piece and secure it with a couple of small clamps. These router jig plans will show you how to make a jig that cuts dados at 90 degrees to the edge of the work, but you can make jigs for other angles, too.

Download this free DIY woodworking jig plan!

3. No Vise? Build This Woodworking Jig

Just getting started in woodworking and don’t have a vise? Don’t fret. There are lots of great ways to hold your work without a vise. In this excerpt from Jig Journal, Robert Lang shows you how to make a useful woodworking jig for hand tool work. When you need to saw dovetails or tenons, just clamp the jig to your workbench and you’re ready to go. Dig a few small pieces of material out of your scrap bin and build this easy woodworking jig in ten minutes. You’ll also get a few tips from Robert for starting out with handsaws.

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Download these plans for DIY woodworking jigs free from PopularWoodworking.com!

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