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Digital FAQ

Popular Woodworking Magazine is available digitally. Depending on your device, you can visit Zinio® (computer based), iTunes®, Nook®, or Kindle® to download the magazine or purchase digital access. Depending on your plan, access to the digital edition may be included in your subscription.

Have questions about PopWood+ membership? Click here to learn more.

I have a print subscription. Does it include free access to the digital edition?

Only subscriptions purchased as Print+Digital are entitled to receive the digital edition. If you would like to add digital access as well please contact subscriptions@aimmedia.com for assistance.

How do I access my digital subscription on my device?

To access your digital subscription on your digital device, please download the app from the store. Tap the “Subscribe” option on the bottom right hand corner. Tap “Log In” so you can enter your email address and zip code. This will give you access to the digital issues.

If we do not have your email address, you will be prompted to add it. To check your email address, click on “Add/Change My Email Address” in the left navigation. This is updated immediately. Then go back to your device to access your subscription.

Is the magazine app free?

The magazine app is free to download. Once the app is downloaded you can either log in to your account or buy a digital-only subscription or an individual issue, the price will be noted in the store.

Can I still get the magazine sent to me via PDF?

No, digital subscriptions purchased directly from Popular Woodworking beginning with July/August 2018 are now serviced through Zinio.

A PDF download is no longer provided. You Zinio digital library is registered under the current email address associated with your Popular Woodworking subscription account.

If you need to change your email address with Zinio please email us at popularwoodworking@emailcustomerservice.com.
Renewal notifications for your subscription will continue to be handled directly by Popular Woodworking.

Can I transfer my print subscription to a digital subscription?

Yes, we can transfer your print subscription to a digital subscription. However, for some magazines, it is free with your print subscription. If you still would like to transfer to the digital edition only, please contact us at popularwoodworking@emailcustomerservice.com.

Note: Agency orders – Print subscriptions ordered through an agency cannot be transferred to the digital-only edition. You will need to contact the agency directly to cancel the print subscription. Then go to iTunes, Nook, Kindle, Google, and Zinio to create a new subscription to the digital edition.

I am a current print subscriber and would like to get access to the digital magazine on my device.

Download the magazine’s app from the App Store.

  1. Tap “Subscribe” in the lower right hand corner and tap Log In.
  2. Enter your email and zip/postal code.
  3. Your issues will be available for download.

I entered my subscription information, but nothing is happening.

  • Please check in the online self-service site to make sure your email address is on your print subscription and it is the same email address you are using to log in. Visit the magazine’s online Customer Service to confirm, add, or update your email address.

If we do not have your email address, you will be prompted to add it. To check your email address, click on “Add/Change My Email Address” in the left navigation. This is updated immediately. Then go back to your device to access your subscription.

I am unable to download/access to my issues on my digital device.

If you’ve purchased a subscription or purchased a single issue, please “Restore Purchases” to fix this problem. Open the app and go to the “Gear” icon in the top right corner. Then select preferences and tap on “Restore All Purchases”. You will be asked for your ID, make sure you are providing the one you used to purchase the subscription, select “Done”. When you are back in your library, you should be able to download the issues.

Why won’t my issue download?

We recommend using a stable Wi-Fi connection whenever you download an issue. Timing out for any reason might require you to start the download over again. For best results, we recommend that you disable your iPad’s Auto Lock function while downloading an issue to avoid your iPad going into “sleep” mode.

Is digital edition access included for international subscribers of the print edition?

Yes. If you are an international subscriber, you will need to register to access your digital issues. Please go to the “Sign In” option and tap on “Find My Account Information”. On the new screen, tap on “International Subscribers Click Here To Login”, put your account number on the field and then tap “Continue”. The next screen will auto-populate your email address and all you need to do is enter a password that you would like to use. Then you can go back to the “Sign In” screen to access your issues.

Subscription purchase on your device

You can get a yearly subscription for the price noted within the app. You can also become a print subscriber by visiting the magazine’s website.


1-year subscription: Your digital subscription automatically renews for additional years of access and is charged to your account (iTunes, Google, Amazon, etc) until you cancel. Your account will be charged for the first year subscription at the conclusion of your free month of access unless you cancel in the manner described below.

AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL: Your subscription automatically renews unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. To subscribe, tap the Subscribe icon located in the bottom right of the Home page inside the application. Your account will automatically be charged at the same price stated for each annual renewal period 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active the subscription period and no refunds are provided by iTunes. Free months of access are only available to new subscribers.

Single issue purchase

If you want to buy just one issue, you can tap the price button for the issue you want to purchase through the app.

Download Issue

Once your purchase is complete, you will be able to download your first digital issue.

Are back issues included in my subscription?

No, you will only have access to the issues in your current term. If you are a print subscriber accessing digital edition issues by signing in, there are only a limited number of back issues available.

Will new issues be delivered to the app automatically?

New issues will not automatically be delivered. However, you will receive a notification when your new issue is available (ensure in Settings/Notifications that your app has “Allow Notifications” turned on). If you are a current digital magazine subscriber, you can download the new issue immediately. If you are not a current digital subscriber, you can choose to purchase and download the latest issue.

How do I free up space on my device?

To make more space available on your device, archive your issues into iCloud. Tap the gear in the top right hand corner of your app and select Delete Downloaded Issues.

Note: This doesn’t mean you will need to repurchase this issue, you’ll be able to download it again for free at any time.

To view which apps are taking up space on your device, go to your Settings. Depending on your device, the location of the list all of your apps and how much space they are using, could be in a different location.

If I delete an issue, can I download it again for free later?

Yes, you can archive an issue and re-download it at any time. Also, you can restore any purchases.

How do I contact iTunes for any billing, refund, or iPad subscription questions?

For additional assistance with your request, please use the link below to contact the iTunes Team directly – https://getsupport.apple.com/. Please follow these specific steps to lead you to one of the iTunes Billing Specialists:

  1. On the first page, find the iTunes icon and click on it. Then select iTunes Store.
  2. Next, please click on Purchases, Billing and Redemption, then select iTunes Store Account Billing.
  3. You will have multiple options to get to a Billing Specialist.

How do I zoom in?

Currently, you cannot zoom on the iPhone or iPad digital editions. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Where can I find my Username and Password?

Your username is the email address you used to subscribe to the digital edition. Your password is the zip code you used.

I already have a password for the magazine’s website. Can I use that to sign into the app?

No, that password is unique to the magazine’s website.

Can I share the digital issue with friends?

You cannot share full articles or issues but from within an article you can use the scissors icon to select what you wish to share and then send or post.

How do I cancel my digital subscription?

Your digital subscription will renew automatically each year unless you take action to cancel it. To do so, you need to manage your Subscriptions from within your Account Settings. Where to find this will vary depending on your device.

If you purchased directly from the magazine’s site, please contact customer care via email at popularwoodworking@emailcustomerservice.com or call 877-860-9140.


Delete your app and re-download it from the app store with the same account ID that you used to purchase the original subscription. Then go into the newly downloaded app and “Restore Purchases” with your ID to see your original purchases. From here try downloading the issue again.

Please make sure you were charged for the subscription by signing into the store for your device and reviewing your purchase history.


If you continue to have trouble, please contact us by calling -877-860-9140 or email the details of the problem you are experiencing to subscriptions@aimmedia.com, and a member of our customer care team will respond to you as soon as possible.

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