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The truth is we’ve all found ourselves sitting on the living room floor and using our coffee table to do homework, pay bills, file taxes, and any other task you can think of that makes you say to yourself halfway through, “Man, I really need a desk.” You may find yourself hesitating to get one for financial reasons or maybe it’s because you simply don’t know how to build a desk on your own. Well, think again.

Depending on the size of the project you choose to take on, whether it be a computer desk, roll top desk, corner desk, or stand up desk, building a desk can be for beginners as well as intermediates. That’s what you’ll love about the DIY desk plans below. Not only are these desks stylish and useful, they’re also suited for woodworkers of any experience level.


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free desk building plans

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in our free download, Desk Plans — Traditional to Contemporary.

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Shaker Trestle Desk:

This reproduction of a Harvard classic was inspired by some good old-fashioned competition. The table shown is attributed to the Shaker community at Harvard, Mass., and is believed to have been used as a work table, side table or writing desk.

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Portable Writing Desk:

Writing letters longhand is one of life’s simple pleasures, as is building this traditional lap desk. While you might not abandon your laptop computer for this more traditional item, it is an excellent place to write holiday cards, thank-you notes and personal correspondence. Though we all like the immediacy of e-mail, a hand-written letter always is a welcome surprise.

How to build a computer desk

Knockdown Computer Desk:

Ladders form the base of this knockdown desk — simple steps to a higher education in woodworking. This new desk was designed with a large top to hold a computer monitor and still have enough space for book work. It was also designed to be easily taken apart and put back together. Slots in the rails of the shelves fit on top of the rungs of the ladders with a few screws for added stability. This design would be ideal for any college student. Here’s how to build a computer desk.

How to build with desk plans

Greek Key Desk:

This is an original design by Armand Sussman, an amateur furniture maker living in Pennsylvania. The design creates an illusion of wood twisting and turning. By using contrasting woods, an endless stripe is created, adding movement to this piece. The glass top serves as a work surface, but it doesn’t obscure the base. The numerous lap joints (called “step-miters” by Mr. Sussman) have been worked into a novel Greek key design on the ends of the desk, which is built using cherry and walnut.

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free desk building plans

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