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Recreating Studley

Jim Moon produced a faithful replica of this iconic cabinet, with a decorative touch or two of his own. by Donald C. Williams pages 34-38 In the world of historic furniture-making, Jim Moon casts [...]

Udder Fun

Apply layers of milk paint to add depth and contrast to your work. by Elia Bizzarri pages 39-43 A visitor asked, “Paint over wood? Aren’t you obscuring wood’s natural beauty?” There are two [...]

A Bench for Kids

Build a small workbench with full-sized features for a budding woodworker. by Jameel Abraham pages 44-50 “The bench is probably the most important item in the workshop.” Those are Charles H. [...]

Digital Artistry

How five masterful makers integrate CNC and CAD technology into their woodworking. by Tim Celeski pages 51-57 Woodworking requires a broad set of skills and strategies, and for most, it’s only [...]

Folding Campaign Bookshelf

Learn the tricks to making sturdy furniture that folds flat. by Christopher Schwarz pages 58-61 For those with mechanical minds, building furniture that folds into small spaces is great fun. Not [...]

Shapeoko XL CNC Kit

Desktop-sized digital technology priced for the home workshop. by Tim Celeski page 16 Generally, CNCs suited for woodworking have heavy construction for stable motion, precision tracking for [...]

SensGard Ear Chamber Hearing Protection

by Rob Porcaro page 18 Before reading why these SensGard hearing protectors are so good, consider if you share some of the problems I have had with other protectors. I do not like stuffing things [...]

BearKat Wood’s Chair Scraper

by James McConnell page 18 There is no doubt in my mind that a chair scraper from BearKat Wood should be in every chairmaker’s tool chest. Card scrapers have long been the secret clean-up weapon [...]

Seth Gould: Explorer in Metal

Meet this expert metalworker, toolmaker and locksmith. by George Walker pages 22-24 Nothing could be simpler than a hammer. That is until you hold one of Seth Gould’s cross-peen hammers and [...]

Stacking Tool Caddy

A simple-to-build tote, perfect for tool and supplies transport. by Chad Stanton pages 26-32 I designed this stacking tool caddy to hold small parts and a few tools. It’s comprised of three tool [...]

The Zen of Hewing a Froe Club

‘No time to do it right, but time to do it over.’ – Daniel O’Hagan by Peter Follansbee pages 62-66 I hear my mother’s voice every time I walk past those small hickory saplings I saved months ago: [...]

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