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Tool Test: Kreg Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter

 In December 2016 #229, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

tooltest_kregby Megan Fitzpatrick
pg. 16

The Kreg pocket-hole jig is the workhorse joinery method in our beginner woodworking “I Can Do That” series of articles, videos and books. When we design those pieces, we’re careful to hide the pocket holes, because we don’t want them to show.

Sure, one can buy ready-made plugs, but only in “paint grade” and select hardwoods (and plastic); the available choices might not match your species, plus it requires a trip to the store. You can also fill the pocket holes with some sort of putty – but it will eventually shrink or crack with wood movement; putty is not a permanent solution.

Now, Kreg has come up with a “Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter” jig and bit that enables you to cut perfectly sized plugs from your project stock so that the plugged joint is less noticeable. (Still, I’d recommend placing your pocket holes in unobtrusive locations as much as possible.)
The plug-cutter jig fits into any standard Kreg jig (K3, K4 or K5), and comes with a bit that matches the standard size of Kreg pocket holes (HD and Micro bits are available separately for $39.99 each, and work in the same jig).

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Website: Kreg Tool
Articles: Visit our “I Can Do That” page for free articles, videos and more.

From the December 2016 issue, #229


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