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Hancock Candle Stand

This iconic table is the first perfect copy of the original. by Will Myers pgs. 24-32 Sometimes a project ends up going in directions you never expected. What seems to be so simple and [...]

Digital Woodworking

Learn how computers, software and CNCs can contribute in your shop. by Tim Celeski pgs. 33-37 There are a lot of ways to do woodworking. For example, there’s more than a dozen ways to make [...]

Fall in Love with Nails

This much-maligned fastener has a place in the finest furniture. Here’s why. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 38-43 Among furniture makers, the reputation of the simple nail is somewhere south of [...]

Handmade in Herefordshire

A young maker works green wood with seasoned skill. by Peter Follansbee pgs. 44-47 Jazz is dead. God is dead. Baseball is dead. I remember when all these deaths and more were proclaimed, but they [...]

Binding Clamps

Make your own light-duty one-handed workholding wonders. by Donald C. Williams pgs. 48-49 Like most workshops, mine is well-populated with spring clamps, the ubiquitous tool for applying [...]

Beading Planes & Complex Moulders

These simple and oft-forgotten tools can make short work of mouldings. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 50-54 Legend has it that one reason there are so few moulding planes left is that when motorized [...]

Do Unto Others’ Tools

by Megan Fitzpatrick pg. 6 On Instagram recently, I posted the picture below – a wooden coffin smoother in someone else’s shop. The tool – a handplane at rest – was on its side. It got many [...]

Tool Test: NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press

This hi-tech tool takes guesswork out of making clean, precise holes. by Megan Fitzpatrick pg. 14 With a vast array of computer-controlled settings and a “smart” motor, the Voyager 18″ [...]

Tool Test: Big Horn Bench Dogs

by James McConnell pg. 16 Any decent workbench with a face vise will allow you to easily work the ends and edges of stock, but finding an efficient and effective way to flatten and dress the [...]

Mastery Through Repetition

Practice is the best of all instructors. by George R. Walker pgs. 18-20 Maynard lived next door. When he wasn’t spinning wrenches at the local Ford garage, he was out in his driveway, hunched [...]

Wedged Sliding Mortise Gauge

Make your own copy of this precision vintage tool. by Peter Follansbee pgs. 58-60 Even after two years of working alone, I can still hear the visitors to my museum shop where I worked for 20 [...]

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