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Tool Test: Vesper Double Square with Mini Blade

 In December 2015 #222

1512-TT-2-VesperDoubleSquareby Christopher Schwarz

p. 18

Many of the difficult measuring jobs we face are too big or too small for us to accurately assess. For big jobs, I end up making my own giant wooden straightedges or try squares. For the tiny problems, I reach for the Vesper Double Square.

This beautifully machined adjustable square sneaks into places that no other square will go. It is the perfect tool to find bumps and odd angles in dovetails, or to assess the flatness of a mortise wall.

And now that Chris Vesper has started making these squares marked in inches (as well as offering metric), North American woodworkers can use them for layout chores as well.

The heart of the tool is its metallic stock, which contains reference surfaces that are at 45° and 90° to the blade. The blades are secured in the stock by a spring-loaded pin that will not rotate out of position. In other words: No more fiddling with the pin to insert your blades – truly ingenious.

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Article: Read a profile of Chris Vesper and his shop.

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