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 In December 2015 #222

1512-EG-2_RoyalPassing up gold for a treasure with more lasting value.

by Kenneth Royal


The holidays are a time for visiting and catching up. While visiting my parents one Thanksgiving, my mother handed me an envelope.

I could tell at first glance that it was old. The acid in the paper had turned the envelope to a coffee-brown color.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Just open it,” my mother replied in a low voice.

I turned the envelope over in my hands once or twice, then opened it up. There was only one item inside, also brown with age.

What I found was a savings bond – a bond purchased the same year that I entered this world.

Mom proceeded to tell me that the savings bond was a gift from my grandmother who had recently passed. Grandma had bought a savings bond for each of my sisters as well.

A Few Strings

This gift came with some instructions: My sisters and I were to use the savings bond to buy something to remember our grandma by. We could not use it to pay bills or spend it frivolously.

I put considerable thought into what I could purchase that would be a reminder of grandma.

After considering several possibilities, I decided that I would buy three gold coins. This would be something that I could pass on to my children or possibly grandchildren.

As I was about to pull the trigger and buy the coins, I hesitated.

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